But seriously, what's with the dog food?

There’s dog food on the free table at work. Two cans of it.

It also just happens to be snowing.

All I can now think of is that episode of Red Dwarf (Marooned) where they get stuck on an ice planet and Lister has to eat the can of dog food while Rimmer looks on in disgust. I can’t help but worry we’ll get snowed in here and eventually someone will break down and eat those cans, while the rest of us make that same exact face.


LISTER: And you can take that look off your face: like I’m doing something disgusting. I’m just trying to stay alive.
RIMMER: You’re going to eat the dog food.
LISTER: I haven’t eaten for six days. Yes, I’m going to eat the dog food.
RIMMER: I’m sure the dog food will be lovely.
LISTER: This isn’t dog food. It’s a piece of prime fillet steak in blue cheese sauce. It’s been charcoal broiled in garlic butter. Mmmmm. Just smell that. It’s delicious. Delicious.
*He pops it into his mouth and swallows it.*
LISTER: Well, now I know why dogs lick their testicles — it’s to take away the taste of their food.

But seriously, what’s with the dog food?


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