Fangirl Follow Along Special #3

(yesterday we watched Danger in Japanese…)

It’s a Special day. I mean, not that today is special, but that we have a special. Not that today isn’t special, either… it’s…

…let me start over.

You may remember from the Fangirl Follow Along specials of yore that BTS puts out an epic level of content. A glorious, wonderous, how can I ever get through this level of content. And today I have two more videos to share. It was going to be four, but I ran out of week…

Let’s just jump right into it.

Unpack Your Bags
RM x DJ Soulscape

So first things first… I’m wondering if DJ Soulscape is Plaid Guy

Second things second… err… whatever, it’s very early (for me right now) and RM is bopping around looking awkward and adorkable.


It’s the Christmas video all over again. Where RM has no idea how to body until he’s rapping and then he transforms into ~*~RM-MON~*~

OOO! Behind the scenes footage.

When viewed in a group, it’s easy to forget how talented all the individual members of BTS are. (Except Jungkook who is literally doing all the things all the time.) So videos like this are amazing because they allow the other members time to shine.

And RM is fucking incandescent here.

Yeah you are. (I’d apologize, but I’m not actually sorry.)

Loveable nerd. This video is like “the many looks of RM”

Awkward loveable nerd.

Bossman… loveable nerd.

Not even gonna try to label. I’m just here for it. Check it out. Three minutes of your life well spent.

Danger (Appeal Version)

And I forgot what that was until it loaded and I went “OH, THE ONE WITH THE HANBOK.”

Then I had to look up Hanbok again because I couldn’t remember how I knew the word. (It’s traditional Korean clothing. So I was right, I just didn’t realize it… I don’t know. It’s fucking ass o’clock in the morning.)

Originally grabbed this for the movement… but I can’t get over Suga’s hair. WHEN WILL THIS STYLE END?

Also, V. Look at V.

Oh, J-Hope.

I… don’t remember this from the original choreography.

I was fully focused on Jungkook being all bashful awkward and almost fell out of my chair when I noticed J-Hope.

I love BTS.

(also, dance practice videos sound like a basketball game. It’s awesome.)

Jimin spends the entire time trying to fix his hat.

V was trying to go for something dramatic and it did not work. Much to Jimin’s amusement.

J-Hope is more talented than he has any right to be.

I love these dance version videos so much. They’re one part silliness, one part serious, one part “I’m not sure if you should be trying to be seductive in traditional clothing… I’m pretty sure we’re going to get into trouble for this.”

But it’s so worth it.

And RM lost his hat but V picked it up so no one would trip over it. I’d go back to grab that screencap but…

So this was where I was going to break down more danger. This time the “mo-blue” remix. Except it was almost five minutes, I had to work, and then J-Hope dropped his mixtape and I lost DAYS. So instead, join me next week when we break down…

…what the fuck are we breaking down?


Oh, good fucking timing.

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