Try Not To Dance: Creep by Vincint Cannady

Sometimes dancing along with music isn’t shaking my booty, but emoting as I lip sync. (Or sing along… poorly.)

And this song. This VERSION of this song. I kicked over a mic stand. Sitting down. In my desk chair. At work.

Alternate version that makes me wiggle and jiggle like a bowl full of jelly:

It actually makes me leg kick, because of this:

(I also like to pretend I can skate. For those keeping track, I pretend I’m a figure skater, lounge singer, dancer, gymnast, fairy princess with superpowers.)

Give them a listen. Dance, or don’t. Leave me a comment to let me know if you danced (or didn’t). If you love the song or if you hate it. If you have a recommendation to get my blood moving this Monday morning. Even if you just want to say hello.

(Especially if you just want to say hello…)

Like what I’m doing here? Consider buying me a trinket for my birthday…

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