Fangirl Follow Along: Butterfly, the Comeback Special by BTS

Previously on Fangirl Follow Along I broke down Hallelujah by Shin Jimin (of AOA). You may remember. After all, it was just last week.

That is right, my Kpop darlings. Three weeks in a row I’ve broken down Kpop videos while drinking.

This is a habit a girl could get used to.

So this week it’s Mionetto Prosecco (and shit, that’s dry). Oh, and Butterfly (from The Show Comeback Special Edition) by my first loves, BTS.

No Bighit logo, this week. Instead, we get Kookie sitting on stairs.

Oh, he is one cute little cookie…

Just… it almost hurts how perfect he is.

My god.

This wine is really, really dry.

Also, my V (who I’ve adopted as my baby brother) looks sad. And though I know it’s only…

…acting, but I am still very concerned.

Look at that sad profile. AND you can see his breath. This is serious. Very, very serious.

It should be illegal, how cute he is.

Like, even next to Mr. Worldwide Handsome.

I love RM with Pink hair.

And mint-haired Suga.

Oh fuck, it’s Jimin with orange hair. We’re fucked.


Obviously, I’m kidding. There is always time for Jin’s well-deserved ego.

I actually don’t listen to butterfly a lot, because it sounds sad and I try to avoid sad song.

And waltzes.

So I am a little concerned that I will not get any quality time with the rap line. Instead, we’ll just get them leaning in the background.

Just a plethora of blurry, out of focus screenshots while Jungkook sings.

I mean, it wouldn’t be the end of the world… Jungkook does sing real pretty.

And Suga does have a stunning profile.

So does J-Hope, there in the background. I know it’s hard to see him since Jimin is center stage. It’s hard to focus on anything when Jimin is center stage.

I feel like this is a personal attack.

Oh shit, he is rapping.

It looks like he’s saying “fuck” here, and I will second that.

Plus, look at J-Hope.

Fuck indeed.

I’m developing a thing about grabbing bars. A fascination, or whatever.

I really do love him hitting his chest, too. Just, anything with his hands basically.

And shoulders, apparently, because when he shrugs here…

I just have a thing about Suga. It’s a whole… It’s a lot.

J-Hope too.

I am just a sucker for the rap line.

And Jin.

And Jimin.

It might, it occurs to me now, be a BTS thing in general.


And it’s done again.

Butterfly is really just not my fave.

Great, now I made Jin cry.

Suga amongst old books… they’re really trying to get me to love this video.

And I want to because they all look amazing in this video. Look. At. Jimin.

But I just, don’t…

Even as we take one last glimpse at the boys, all looking stunning with amazing lighting effects, I still don’t feel butterflies. Instead I just kind of feel bad as we fade to…


What the fuck?

Oh, Butterfly, low fucking blow…

Butterfly by BTS
Released: December 8, 2015
Album: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Part 2
Length: 3:57
Notes: When is an MV not an MV? When it’s part of a comeback special. Or something…
Watched Status: Unwatched.
Bias: Suga. With the books. At the table.
Reason: I am weak to books. There’s, like, no saving throw I can make there.
Favorite BTS video to date: I know last time I said IDOL was my fave to date, but I’m changing it this time to I NEED U (Japanese Version) because I need me some pelvic thrusting in skinny ties to make up for this.

Join me next week when we break down something. What? Who knows… I certainly don’t as I still haven’t come up with a schedule.

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