Fangirl Follow Along: Kill This Love by Blackpink

Previously on Fangirl Follow Along we broke down THE BTS COMEBACK! PERSONA!! ELEVENTY-ONE OH MY GOD.

Today I’m sick, having trouble breathing, and don’t have my glasses on.

So let’s breakdown a song by a band I’ve never listened to before. What could go wrong?

Bring on Blackpink.

I am already positive I’m not cool enough for this video.

My previous knowledge of Blackpink is that they were incredibly popular and that one of them dated Kai of EXO. This is the ex. She has pearls in her part. He punched above his weight class and I am so not cool enough for this video.

It kind of makes me feel like high school. Like all my big bisexual crisis moments where I wanted to be the cool girl and be with the cool girl all at the same time.

I’m just, like, super intimidated. Is basically what I’m trying to say here.

Oh. I see now. They’re a dystopian girl gang.

I’m out of my high school shame and back on even footing. Because I’m supposed to be intimidated by how badass Blackpink is.

I’m fully onboard with this concept.

I’m gonna call it right now. She’s my fave. Rosé is my fave. I’m gonna need to learn how to write an é.

I’m pretty sure Jennie is disappointed in me. And it’s probably because I referred to her as Kai’s ex. TBF I deserve that.

There are two swans here and I’m not gonna get to capture them because there are just too many other awesome Jennie moments on this set.

She has a jeweled heart. A. JEWELED. HEART.

I want one.

I did get a shot.

It’s actually really easy to get good shots of her. And not just because I’m stalling.

Because I am stalling.

Because of this. I almost skipped breaking down this video because this is not my lane and I should not be the one calling this out. But I see this appropriation and I do not appreciate it.

Moving on.

(Which is easy to do, because not only is this a really amazing part of the song, it’s also really hard to get a good screencap here…)

I could write an entire story just around this screencap. I just wish it was a tiny bit cleaner.

Jisoo is a goddess. In this TED talk I will…

It’s just a few screenshots.

Not an actual TED talk.

I’m not that deep into the fandom yet.

Give me like a week.

(and holy fuck these shots are just… amazing. The water. The coral-like blown glass. The lights. *chef kiss*)

Rosé in a fast car. This might not end well.

And purple lighting? Was this video designed to destroy me?

And Rosé is crying?


Oh, come on Rosé. The braids? Really. Still not my lane, but I still see it.

I am seriously considering that I might have personally let down Jennie somehow.

I do really like this sequence, despite not being able to get any good action (dancing) shots.

I might have been a bit premature in calling my bias.

Just a tiny bit… Oops.

Fuuuuuck. That eyeshadow.

And I’m back to wanting to be them… Or be their best friend at the very least.

Lisa’s look right here is just perfection. The expression with the blonde hair and pink as fuck makeup. I adore it all.

And Lisa and Jennie just pair together so well here.

I want you to know how close you were to me going frame by frame with this hat sequence.

But I contained myself and just captured this line instead. Because it’s perfection.

Because there are times where perfectly wonderful people are just toxic together… and that’s an actual TED talk I will give some time.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t premature. Because this is heavenly.


Fuck me.

I was not prepared for Rosé.

Part two of my TED talk about goddess Jisoo.

And you can see that she is both the moon.

And the sun.

And at war with herself.

I don’t fully get the bear trap imagery, but I’m willing to roll with it.

Because Jisoo.

Rosé looks like my friend’s moody teen.

So really, we’re right back where we started. With me being intimidated b the girls who are too cool for me.

(and then a lot of shots I couldn’t get because it moved too quick)

And that’s it.

Kill This Love by Blackpink
Released: April 4, 2019
Album: Kill This Love
Length: 3:13
Notes: I was not prepared
Watched Status: Watched, but only like twice right before I started screencapping
Bias: I refuse to pick. But Jennie.
Reason: The hate sequence
Favorite Blackpink video to date: This one.

Join me next week when we break down… yeah, I still haven’t come up with a schedule.

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