My brain, in all it’s infinite wisdom, tends to make a general fuzz out of details. Unless it’s the plot of someone else’s book. Those details I can remember years later. The name of the book it was in? Not a chance, but plots are there forever.

I got off topic quickly this time.

My point was, the majority of the time I tend to loose facts. Little ones that hardly seem relevant most of the time like “what was it I needed at the store again?” or “do I need to go to the store?” or “…whatever the fuck I was going to use as a third example…

… see?


This isn’t the case with Min. You see, I’d finally made a decision. I was only going to write dark and naughty things on the Lola pen name. Mainly because my creative spark had gone to a dark place, and all the ideas I had were twisted and black. Really good ideas, mind you, just from the more damaged part of my psyche. But that was okay, because I’d at least found the line. This was what I would focus on. This was how I was going to make my mark on the (literary) world.

I was content. I was happy. And that always leads to bad shit happening.

(see previous allusion to nothing ever turning out like it should. Ever.)

See, I was lying there on the couch, happy, playing Farm Heroes Saga when I finally managed to beat a level that I’d been stuck on for days. Big deal, right? (It is, shut up) So, obviously, I shout “FUCK YES!”

Side note, have you ever noticed that half the noises women make in their everyday life sound oddly like the “bedroom noises?”

And, really, that’s less of a side note and more of an “this is how Min was born” because as soon as I shouted I started giggling. Why? Because I’m constantly thinking of jokes. I think it’s a self-defense mechanism or a product of wanting everyone to like me. I’m not sure, I try not to analyze myself too hard. Besides, that’s not really the point right now. The point was, in that moment I came up with a joke. One that is not in anyway based on reality and also sort of at my husband’s expense.

Kind of.

At least, that’s what I assume because he’s still a bit miffed about the whole thing.

All I said was “god, that’s better than sex.” And then, so he knew I was joking I even winked and nugged him with my elbow. (Since he wasn’t in the room with me to witness my victory so I’d had to get up to hunt him down and share my victory and hilarity)

Because it was a funny joke, right? Right? I mean, okay, I can kind of see how he’d be offended by it, but I was obviously just taking the mickey. So it was cool, right? Why are you looking at me like that? What do you mean that’s not a cool thing to laugh about? Oh fine, take my husband’s side. You know what? I don’t even think I should share the rest of this story with you. Maybe my husband will fill you in on the missing details, since you’re so tight and all…

And since my pouting doesn’t eclipse my pride in Min …

Even though my husband didn’t find the joke to be amusing, or perhaps because of that, I decided it would be the great idea for a story. And thus, Min. The story of a socially awkward young woman who gets panic attacks in public (unless tipsy) and the coffee shop boy she’s got a thing for.

How did I get from Farm Heroes Saga to that?

Well, you’ll just have to read it to find out, won’t you?

Min Print Cover

Min Thompson has a problem.

Her best friend of basically forever, Taylor Lane thinks her boyfriend of umpteen years is dumping her. Only thing is, Min knows he’s not. So while Taylor wants to go out and do something stupid in retaliation, Min has to try and prevent her from doing something she’ll regret, all while trying to appear supportive.

A lifetime of being known as “the quiet one” never prepared her for this.

Faux Valentine has a solution.

Sheer luck lands Faux right in Taylor’s chosen venue for revenge. While he has no interest in the pissed off princess herself, he’s always had a thing for her best friend. The one who desperately needs his help. Now that he’s got his little mouse where he wants her, what is he willing to do to keep her there?

Nothing could have prepared him for her.

Warning: This book contains foul language, allusions to underage drinking, circumventing the legal drinking age, and sexual situations.

Min is going to the editor on September 15th, 2014 and will be in your hands as soon as I can possibly get it there. See, right now it’s like a ravioli that’s been dropped on the floor, grammatically speaking. I need an editor to go wash off all the proverbial cat hair and make it edible. That being said, review copies will be available soon, if cat hair doesn’t bother you that much and you simply cannot wait. E-mail me if your interested and I’ll send them out as soon as they’re ready. Probably in PDF format because I’m like that.

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