Running from dragons required stamina

Hello my lovelies. Now that Min is live, we can get back to my regularly scheduled insanity. First up, a bit of flash fiction I wrote. Inspired by the time change and tonight’s full moon. The *gigglesnort* Full Beaver Moon.

So here you go, hope you enjoy.

Running From Dragons Required Stamina
Flash Fiction (510 words) by Ginny Lurcock

“Seven hours, Christie,” Veronica bemoaned- and not for the first time- as she finally, finally threw open the door to her apartment. She took a moment to throw her bag against the far wall before starting in on her rant. Again. “Seven hours of prep work,” she stated as she began pacing, leaving muddy footprints across her formerly pristine white carpet. “Seven hours of chopping and grinding and mashing. Of painting our bodies with these absurd symbols. And then there was the trekking through a fucking swamp until we were absolutely covered in muck, so we had to use moist towelettes to try and clean ourselves off and reapply the fucking gibberish runes.” A maniacal laugh broke the flow of her rant as she wheeled around to look at Christie. “Only to realize after the fact that we were supposed to be covered in fucking muck. I have mud in places mud should never be, Christie. My secret no no places. And for what, Christie? For what? What happened, Christie?” Christie opened her mouth to reply, but Veronica hardly gave her the chance. “Nothing, Christie.” She flung her hands up in the air, sending little arcs of mud off her fingertips and splattering her coffee table, wall, and her favorite framed poster. Christie had almost giggled over the absurd caricature her friend had become, but was forced to cringe when she realized she would be replacing that poster.

And that fucker had been expensive.

“Fuck-fucking-all happened, Christie. Fucking.Fuck.All. We just wasted an entire fucking day of our lives and I don’t think I’ll ever get clean.” Finally winding down, Veronica threw herself down on her leather sofa, causing Christie to wince again. She’d probably end up having to replace that as well.

She opened her mouth to offer up the same excuses she’d been using for the entire trip back from the ritual site, when she was interrupted again. This time by Veronica’s brother, Clement, who was leaning against the doorway that lead into the kitchen, looking smug while eating a bowl of cereal.

“Didn’t go as planned,” he asked around a mouth full of what looked like Lucky Charms.

“Obviously,” Veronica snorted.

“Did you take into consideration the time change?” He queried. “You know, from falling back like, four days ago.”

Veronica eyes went wide before narrowing to slits as she turned to face Christie. As she watched her friend morph into something resembling a dragon- red eyes and all- Christie couldn’t help the hysterical little giggle that bubbled its way up and out. “Right … because we fell back so when we thought it was midnight it was actually one and we’d missed the prime time to cast the spell by an hour.” She spelled out, as if everyone in the room hadn’t been very clear that that was exactly what had gone wrong. One more hysterical bout of laughter broke free, right before Christie bolted for the door, suddenly glad for all the cardio she’d been doing for the past few months.

Running from dragons required stamina.


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