fuck you, plot bunnies

Dear blog,

You’re my only friend in a world where my brain is plotting against me. I had this whole story plotted out for a cutesy little coming of age story about a woman learning to love herself. Literally. I had even worked in a way to use the word titillate. And then my mother complains that she hasn’t been able to find a good Agatha Christie-style mystery and BAM! attack of the plot bunnies.

look at those vicious fuckers
look at those vicious fuckers

So now I’m working on a mystery I know goddamned good and well I’m never going to finish instead of the cute little new adult romp that I might have finished instead of working on Bad Luck which I should be editing…

And the real kicker? My mother never reads my books. Just as good, since this half-finished mystery wouldn’t end up being anything like Agatha Christie.

Thanks, blog, for listening to me. Sometimes it just helps to get it all out.

With all my love and plot bunnies,

Wait, I take back my previous image. This is a plot bunny

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