Brilliant Idea: Dumb shit

brilliant buttonHello my lovelies! I’ve got another brilliant idea for you.

The other day I posted a series of tweets about obnoxious people saying stupid shit to get attention. It was, and is, my opinion that the only way to counteract this isn’t outrage, but to simple ignore the idiot until they wither and die. Think of it as the reverse of clapping because you do believe in faeries from Peter Pan.

The problem is, some of these people you cannot tag as useless and ignore. They might be your loved ones, or your spouse, or merely an acquaintance who has a pool and it’s still 90 degrees out. For whatever reason, you’re not ready to cut them out of your life simple because they’re singing Eye of the Tiger and supporting questionable presidential candidates.

But what you can do is let them know that they’ve just said some dumb shit. For example, asking if The New Yorker is a satire site. No, it’s The New Yorker, and now I’ve had to google it just to make sure I’m not thinking of the wrong thing. Thanks for nothing, asshole.

And that rant, quite frankly, took a lot out of me. My blood pressure went up and my eye twitched. So I’ve come up with an image that will not only cut down on my stress, but also speed up the “you’re stupid, stop being stupid” process.



Please feel free to use this as necessary

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