Totally Legit Internet History: #ManiacMonday

Things took a turn for the terrifying in Illinois when Michael Myers escaped from a sanitarium. Though the warden reported the break out straight away, it took days for the police to respond thinking that it was a hoax. Their response, when asked for comment was “honestly, who the fuck still runs Sanitariums?” (Sanitariums fell out of favor years ago, when they were deemed inhuman and just generally creepy.)

Having been in a sanitarium for fifteen years, Myers found himself out of place in the modern world, and quickly drew attention to himself while stumbling through the streets of his home town. He quickly became a viral sensation on Instagram as people from the sleepy hamlet of Haddonfield posted pictures of him with the hashtag #ManiacMonday.

#creeper #backlit #maniacmonday #nofilter
This was the first image to appear on Instagram and includes the hashtags: #creeper #backlit #maniacmonday #nofilter

By the time police found him, Myers had become something of a celebrity. Given the public’s views on sanitariums and his growing internet fame, experts believe he would have been granted a pardon and released back into society, had it not been for the fact that during an appearance on a light night talk show Myers attacked fellow guest Jamie Lee Curtis.

The reasons behind this assault are still unknown.

#thatsaknife #maniacmonday #blackandwhite #bw #classasfuck
This image surfaced after the night show appearance with the hashtags: #thatsaknife #maniacmonday #blackandwhite #bw #classyasfuck. Producers have claimed that had they been aware of the image before the show, they would not have invited Myers

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