Totally Legit Internet History: #TrollTuesday


In a preplanned attack, members of an infamous men’s rights group unwittingly invoked a curse of unknown age and origin. Using the hashtag #TrollTuesday, these men set about trolling selfies posted by women from every age group and demographic pointing out any and every flaw- real or imagined- that they spotted. Sometime in the early evening, reports started hitting the internet that the men were coming under assault. While they had expected some backlash, they were stunned to find that the repercussion was offline, and of a physical nature. Women, both known and unknown to the men, were punching them in the groin. An internet search proved that the only known case of this happening before was when the Potter family moved into an apartment complex in San Franciso and their young daughter was possessed by a troll.

Believing that they simply needed to find a magical staff and plunge it into the heart of Torok’s world, a group of the men chartered a flight. Tragedy struck when their plane crashed an all souls aboard were lost. In the midst of the wreckage, no evidence of the troll’s involvement was found, but the group still holds him responsible.

Artist rendition of Harry Potter fighting the troll
Artist rendition of Harry Potter versus the troll

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