Totally Legit Internet History: Shower Saturdays

(this was actually the first Totally Legit Internet History I wrote, and thus it is the shortest)

Back in October of 2010, hotel owner Norman Bates took the internet by storm on the newly launched social media platform, Instagram. Using the hashtag Shower Saturday, he encouraged users all over the world to post pictures of themselves in the shower. On Saturdays. At first, people did indeed seem to take the hashtag, posting pictures and videos of themselves while in their showers. On Saturdays. And, in a stroke of luck, only some of the images had to be censored.

The trend, however, was not meant to be and died a quick and painful death along with Marion Crane. A secretary on the run from her boss and her ex-boyfriend (different people), Crane was killed in the shower by Bates. The selfie he posted of himself- dressed as his mother, for reasons no one even wants to speculate on- in the bathroom with the bloody shower in the background was exhibit A in his murder trial. Subsequent photos posted with the hashtag were deemed to be in poor taste, and quickly flamed. Usually with the comment “too soon” or “did you really just do that?”

That is not cool, man...
That is not cool, man…

Still, the hashtag persisted until Bates’s mentally ill mother, Norma, began a social media campaign to save her son. Combining the hashtag #FreeNormanBates and #ShowerSaturdays, the elder Bates posted images of herself in the shower. Naked and uncensored. Thus causing the internet to turn away in disgust.

Once the elderly start using a hashtag, it stops being cool.

Please, Gram, for the love of God , stop tagging me in your status updates.
Please, Gram, for the love of God , stop tagging me in your status updates.

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