Rebranding and staff meetings

I’ve had several BRILLIANT ideas lately about the direction I want Wicked Fierce to go in. Meaning I’ve been getting less sleep than normal so everything sounds like a good idea.


Me: I should start a vlog!
Paranoia: You hate the sound of your own voice.
Me: I do–
Paranoia: The last time you heard yourself on a video you didn’t speak for thirty-six hours.
Me: …I hate you.

I think you get the idea. Still, I’ve had ideas, and I want to make changes and get this show back on the road, which means today Wicked Fierce will be having it’s first staff meeting!

What staff, you ask?

Well it’ll be me, my husband, and our child…

I can only see this going as well as my previous staff meetings with my Paranoia…

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