Is Shakespeare a playboy? A sonnet by anonymous

One of my very best friends who I love all the way to the moon and back has been writing some pretty epic sonnets lately. With her permission, I share them with you.

Because I love you as much as she loves sonnets.

Is Shakespeare a playboy?

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
You’re way more bangin’, far more grammable
Those seven-second snaps take breath away
You’re so lit, girl, you must be flammable

Your hair, your eyes, your bod, they’re all on fleek
You’re smart, you’re independent – mad respect
#Nomakeup selfies add to your mystique
You woke up like this? Girl, you are perfect.

What would I give to touch your silken skin
To hold your hand, to take you out tonight
I want to make you happy, show that grin
You make me want to hold you close and tight.

Sorry for the late-night pigeon blow-up
Just wanted to find out if you were up

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