Vacation blues

Depression is a funny thing, isn’t it? Mine struck while on vacation and lingered when I returned home and tried to get back into my routine. It made me question my routine, wondering what the point of everything was. It sapped my strength. It stole my words.

And so even though I was back from vacation, and should’ve been back into the swing of things, I’m running behind on my book reviews and on my posts. You may have noticed that once my scheduled posts ran out, my posting stopped.

I’ve recognized the depression trap I’d fallen into, which is the first step in battling my way back out. I’m writing again. See these words, right here? Proof I’m actually creating. Even if it’s just kind of a journal entry more than a–

No, you know what, if I question it, this all starts to fall apart…

Anyway, I’m revamping my review schedule so I get back to two posts a week featuring titles in the week before they release. I’m working on a Patreon post for tomorrow that will go live on the blog a week later. I’m figuring out a schedule to start writing longer works once more.

I’m not going to let depression win.

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