Acknowledging the gossamer veil

Quick post to get me back into the swing of things:

I spend a lot of time considering internalized misogyny. It’s hard not to as a feminist killjoy who consumes romance themed entertainment. As a woman with female friends. As someone who used to be drowning under the weight of my own internalized misogyny.

I’m fighting my way out from under it. Pointing it out when I see it and starting discussions whenever and wherever I can. Because it’s a good bet that if I was blind to it’s existence that others were as well.

I’ve taken to reffering to it as the gossamer veil. Shimmery and thin, you can see right through it. Depending on it’s coloring and how close you are, you might not even notice it’s there. It isn’t until layers build upon layers that you finally grasp that the reason you’re acting the way you are is internalized misogyny.

The reason we base our opinion of other women on their body size, the way they dress, their number of sexual partners, their career, if they’re married with children, etc… it’s all been programmed into us by the patriarchy. And we cannot combat institutionalized misogyny and the patriarchy if we cannot recognize and battle it within ourselves.

And this isn’t all I wanted to say on the matter. I didn’t even get into why I picked gossamer veil instead of anything else (it’s a parallel to the iron curtain of communism, FYI). It is, however, a start. And if I don’t start this fight somewhere, then I have no hope of ever winning.

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