Banned Review: Deacon (Gideon’s Riders #2) by Kit Rocha

Ana has trained most of her life to achieve one goal: to prove that anything men can do, she can do better. Now she’s Sector One’s first female Rider, and being the best is the only way to ensure she won’t be its last. Distractions aren’t allowed–especially not her painful attraction to the reserved but demanding leader whose stern, grumpy demeanor has already gotten into her head.

Deacon has spent the last twenty years trying to atone for his past, but the blood he spilled as a mercenary and assassin will never wash away entirely. If his Riders knew the extent of his sins, he’d lose their trust and respect. It’s easier to keep them all at arm’s length, especially Ana. But his newest recruit’s stubbornness is starting to crack his defenses.

And their sparring matches are driving him wild.

The passion sparking between them can’t be denied, but neither can the vengeance barreling toward Deacon. When his old squad comes back to punish him for his betrayal, Ana and the Riders are squarely in the line of fire. The only way to save his people may be to make the ultimate sacrifice.

But first, he has to convince Ana not to follow him straight into hell.

The Meta Details:
Source: Author
Format: eBook
Length: 268 pages
Publication Date: August 29th, 2017
Genre: dystopian, erotic romance
Content Level: adult
Pearl Clutching Content: a religion where the protectors get ravens for every person they kill and end up in purgatory because of it.
Trigger Warnings: I was on the edge of panic the entire book because I was so worried for all the riders so I don’t think I’m a reliable source for trigger warnings this time around
Featuring: cranky bikers under extreme pressure

Recommended for: fans of dystopians, erotic romance, and/or Kit Rocha
Rating: Must read

Ginny Lurcock’s Thoughts: I forgot to put this on my review calendar and so I forgot all about it until the reminder email came in today. Meaning I had to process all my feels on too little sleep and with a massive throbbing… headache.

Not the treatment that my favorite book by Kit Rocha deserves.

Now, I should remind you that I never finished the Beyond series. Excuse, excuse… blah, blah. But Beyond Shame is the candle I hold all other dystopian novels to. It’s this exquisite beginning to a new universe that nothing can live up to. I love the other books in the series that I have read, but Beyond Shame was on the pedestal.

Until Deacon.

Well, to be fair, Beyond Shame is still on the pedestal. It’s just that now next to the pedestal there’s a shine to Saint Deacon where my heart leaves offerings and makes silent prayers. And it’s not enough. It will never be enough.

The impossible pressure that Deacon and Ana feel to be perfect is nearly unbearable. I cried while reading the entire book just to vent some of the immense pressure that these two must feel at all times. The kind of pressure that forms diamonds and that’s really what this text is. The characters feel real (see previous: crying over them.) I honestly expected to walk outside and see one of them sitting on a motorcycle watching the market with a sharp eye out for danger.

Until I remembered there is no market because it’s not real.

Then I cried again, but that’s not really the point right now.

It was a gripping romance told in the midst of a heart pounding action novel where you just know- you just know!- that things are only going to get worse before they get better. The pressure is going to get even more intense. Sacrifices are going to be made, people are going to die, and someone we trust is going to turn out to be a traitor. So when the fuck is the next book going to be out because I need it right goddamned now.

…now I have to figure out how to fucking clean this review up so it can go up on Amazon. Fuck my fucking life.


The second installment of the Gideon’s Riders series features Deacon- the original Rider- and Ana- the original FEMALE rider. Both feel the weight of their respective roles and their pasts as well as an attraction neither of them can deny. With well crafted and fully fleshed out characters, gripping action sequences, enemies lurking behind every corner, and exquisite prose the only thing Deacon leaves you wanting is more.

HA! look at that, a review that almost seems professional.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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