if I press on my sinuses I focus on that instead of how stupid this book is.

In the past two days I’ve tried to read five books in order to have a review to post today. Five. All were various degrees of shit, and the one that was most acceptable still had a trope that pisses me off and causes me to fly into a blind rage. And, I mean, good news… I’m going to be posting my roundup of shit titles the end of this month. Bad news, I have nothing to post today.

Except for this gif.

And the hard earned knowledge that while suffering from seasonal allergies if I press on my sinuses the hollow semi-painful feeling distracts me from how fucking painful these five books were.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be reading one of my favorite kid’s books that doesn’t include eating disorders, fat shaming, racism, sexism, internalized misogyny, homophobia, classism, or ableism…

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