How I joined the ARMY

So here’s the thing… I actually joined the KPop revolution super late. Like, if this were the French revolution the guillotines would’ve already been packed back into storage and all the blood had washed away late. It’s honestly partially because I’m a low-key hipster and have this phobia of popular things.

It’s not my fault that they rarely live up to expectations.

Still, after seeing many people on my timeline rave about some female KPop group (I honestly can’t remember which one) by the time BTS released DNA I was curious.

And the fervor around DNA prompted me to click.

Which sort of ruined my life.

Without going into too many details, the video opens with pretty boy whistling. Totally my aesthetic. This leads to an angel. No seriously, this kid was the spitting image of Kaworu Nagisa from Neon Genesis who- spoiler alert- is a literal angel.

If there is one thing I took away from my watching Neon Genesis a lifetime ago… well it was the creepy as fuck masturbation scene. But the second thing I kept close to my heart was my crush on the little baby queer Kaworu.

I even made a Build-A-Bear and named it after him…

Next thing I know, I’m listening to documentaries about KPop, devouring interviews, watching live performances, every English language interview I could find, and voting every day online for the MAMA awards.

I also somehow got my daughter hooked on them.

I apologize for nothing.

Most notably, though, I was watching their music videos. While taking screen caps to send to my friends, my husband, my coworkers, random people on twitter…

Basically, I was fangirling all over the internet. And while I was sending these utterly enchanting and rather endearing observations about the BTS videos, I decided that I should share them with the world via Live Tweets. Sounds vaguely self-involved when I type it out… but wait, there’s more.

You see, it’s really easy to lose track of a thread. Also, you can’t edit tweets. And finally, writing these up in post form means I can–

Excuse me a second, it’s dinner time.

–take a break when necessary. Allowing me to handle my real life responsibilities when they inter… err… ah… *ahem* crop up *shifty* while still devoting the attention to BTS that they so rightly deserve.

So join me Saturdays for Fangirl Follow Along. Where I feature a video or two (or eight… Seriously, there are a lot of videos) and share with you, my beloved readers, my thoughts, bias of the video, and, of course, links to the source material.

We are bulletproof.

First up: No More Dream

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