Try Not To Dance: Heads Will Roll by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

You know how there are those songs that come on and you forget where you are and start to shimmy? You know how Monday mornings suck? Well, let’s combine the two. Every Monday I’ll post another video that always gets me shaking my groove thing. You can either try not to dance (as a challenge to my DJing skills) or dance like everyone is watching and you just don’t give a shit anyway.

I know, it’s Tuesday… but I was sick Friday through Sunday and had yesterday off. So I have no idea what day it is, feel guilty for being sick, and … well, I’m here now and swamped.

Used my standing desk while processing orders and ended up rocking out to Heads Will Roll. You’re welcome for sharing.

Give it a listen. Dance, or don’t. Leave me a comment to let me know if you danced (or didn’t). If you love the song or if you hate it. If you have a recommendation to get my blood moving this Monday morning. Even if you just want to say hello.

(Especially if you just want to say hello…)

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