Fangirl Follow Along: Boy In Luv (Japanese version) by BTS

Previously on Fangirl Follow Along we reviewed the Japanese version of No More Dream by BTS.

In-law update: My father-in-law is currently in pre-active dying. So I’m not drunk, but this is getting prepped at 9:30 pm on a Friday night so who knows how this will turn out.

Especially since it’s the Japanese version of the domestic abuse video.

Let’s just… let’s see how it goes.

I forgot there’s no BigHit logo on the Japenese versions. I’m all thrown off. But I have hope. There are no other people thus far and Jungkook is looking soft in his close up and–

Jesus fuck! Warn a (fan)girl before you do that shit.

I need a moment. And not just because I can’t grab screencaps of this fucking choreo, still. No matter what language it’s in, it defies pausing.


Which is a pity, because V looks like a badass right up until he’s paused.

Deceptively soft looking Suga in a tie. I need an adult.

I know, I am so bad at capturing screencaps and I’m not even drinking… but look at that smile!

*giggle* he still looks like a puppy growling. (Love the grey suit, though.)

So the rest of the group is focused on the dance and V is there sticking out his tongue and licking his lips. I question his priorities while appreciating the gesture.

I still think RM should be illegal. Look at that dimple. And I can never capture his wink right before this because of my brain shorts every time.

Just effortlessly adorable and utterly cool at all times. How? How is that possible?

Even when he looks like Popeye.

Because right after that, crime boss.

The amazing, flying J-Hope. If there was a circus!AU of BTS, he would be their aerialist.

OH MY GOD LOOK AT THIS SCREENCAP I MANAGED TO GRAB. The lighting, the expression, the setting… I’m setting this as the background on my phone.


Finally got V look aggressive af. I’m here for it.

I’m really digging this video. I’m a total fangirl of epic lighting.

Also, FYI this song sounds really good in Japanese.

And Jimin. Sounds amazing. In this song in Japanese.

Oh. Oh, God. I adore it.

Suga. In tight pants. Not a drill.

No human car this time, but J-Hope still seriously emoting driving.

I fell out of my chair. I have no idea what I was trying to capture here anymore. Look at that wink. LOOK AT IT!

RM uses attractive against V and Jin. It’s super effective.

They’re all still stunned, rounds later…

Wait, is he picking his nose?

And he’s not even trying to look repentant. That’s how cool he is.

Jin’s turn at the spotlight, looking just like he did when he became worldwide handsome.

I wonder if there’s an entire video of this… there has to be, right?

Oh. Shit. I forgot that if you don’t defeat this boss in under 3 minutes that it levels up and does critical damage.

The damage just increases exponentially…

Jin getting in on the action…

Jimin completing the combo move.


Jin is back.

Because he hadn’t gotten you in the kidneys yet.

And in case you aren’t weak to those three (in which case you need to go back through this series), there are a few more moments with the entire group.

Before they show you their backs, but by that point, it doesn’t matter because everyone watching has died.

Now, without proof-reading (because my daughter is sick and demanding snuggles) let me recap.

Boy In Luv (Japanese Version) by BTS
Released: July 4th, 2014
Album: Wake Up
Length: 3:56
Notes: The second of the Japanese music videos.
Watched Status: Previously unwatched
Bias: The rap line (RM, Suga, and J-Hope)
Reason: I’m weak to everything they’re selling in this video.
Favorite video to date: This one. It made me love this song again.

Join me next time when I hopefully do a better job of recapping the video a video. The video for DANGER, to be exact.

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