Fangirl Follow Along: RM’s Mixtape

Oh… oh man. I can’t even give you the standard Fangirl Follow Along intro because we’ve made it to RM’s mixtape. Right after J-Hope’s mixtape hit. Right after Suga’s birthday. This is. Guys. This is fate.

(also, props to J-Hope for hitting the billboard list hours after his mixtape dropped and happy birthday Suga.)

blah blah, yadda yadda, words, let’s go to the videos.


No BigHit Logo, just smoke and burning fabric. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW TO GET PUMPED UP WITHOUT THE BIGHIT LOGO?

(I’m already pumped up, but not the point.)

So this is what BTS does. I have this weird mom level of pride over RM looking like a rapper. Not just a pop star, but an honest to god no one can ignore him rapper.

And then you worry because what if that burning fabric is on him. That shit hurts, yo. It’s dangerous.

Wait, only I’m worried about that?

Well then, moving on.

Leather snapback and all black attire. There is something so pure about this video.

And less makeup, so you can see any and all (minor) imperfections. Like stubble. Which is not an imperfection but gets fucking dealt with in their other videos.

And he still looks fucking fine as fuck.

(Those lips, though.)

Yeah, see. The fabric is supposed to be him and it horrifies me because I’ve seen too many horror movies.


In motion and passionate.

It’s really hard to capture the emotion here, so just know you’re going to have to watch it when we’re done.

I know he’s fine… but I’m still unsettled by this imagery.

I mean, RM spits fire, there is no doubt of that. Not watching this video at least or listening to his solo work. I know that he doesn’t always get the most intense rapping sections on BTS tracks (those usually go to Suga) but the man has talent beyond my wildest dreams.

And such passion.



Okay, I get it.

I really want to give him a hug.

So pretty.

I feel very judged right now.

And… attacked. Personally.

It’s just… a lot. He’s a lot to take in.

and fade to…

the mixtape information.

add in a mini-roundup before the next video:

Awake by RM
Released: March 12, 2015
Album: RM
Length: 2:44
Notes: the first MV from the first mixed tape dropped by a member of BTS
Watched Status: Previously unwatched
In one sentence or less: Minimalism allows for appreciation of the profound skill and message

and onto:

Do You

Holy fuck, I already love it and need to dance to it right now.

my anxiety? Not a fan of this image.

A shaken can of spray paint for an audio effect, though, I am here for.

Not 100% sure what this is, but I need one.

The lyrics haven’t started yet, by the way, I’m just jumping around over the imagery like a puppy.

(love eyeball imagery, just FYI)

Okay. Buckle up. Here we go.

They kept cutting to his hands and I was trying to get that, but I couldn’t. So here’s him spitting fire before things get weird.

(no, really. Buckle the fuck up.)

More eyes.


Girl in overalls.

Holding knives.

Taking pills.

And no, not AMG. More like WTF. And there are no subtitles on this one so I’m left blind. (reading the lyrics before I watch the video is like reading the end of the book… can’t do it.)

Unf, that beat though.

This is how horror movies begin.


I thought RM looked like an angry bird.


Oh, nailed that pause.

It’s basically just three minutes of Avante-guard horror and eroticism. And I have the proof:

Wait. This is where he says “mothafuckahs keep mothafuckin’ all day” and it was magic.

Then he spits out an eyeball.

And it turns into a pill.

That mysterious woman with knives takes.

While holding the eye.

And congratulations. I’m going to look up the lyrics before I finish watching because I have a sneaking suspicion this video is about societal expectations and I need to know before I stop watching.

(Yes, it’s basically “be yourself and fuck everyone else.” Let’s continue.)

I love hands.

And women in men’s panties.

And roses and fire…

And all of RM’s lines, physical and lyrical.

The biggest asshole of the office walked by while I was grabbing this.

But I’m just doing my own thing.

Like RM said!

And it’s over 😦

Add in another mini-roundup before the next video:

Do You by RM
Released: March 19, 2015
Album: RM
Length: 3:08
Notes: I’ll be singing this for weeks.
Watched Status: Previously watched, but I forgot
In one sentence or less: I know horror directors who would give their left nut for this aesthetic.

and onto:


RM’s videos have a very ominous feel to them. I don’t know if it’s because he was trying to be taken seriously as a rapper when he’s well known as an idol or what, but… whatever. I’m here for it.

We have a lot of things flash at once and all I caught was handcuffs and RM’s face. I went back and grabed these grabs for you. You’re welcome.

This is where I cheered. Like at the theatre when Star Wars starts rolling…

Who directed these and why aren’t they making horror films?

I’m just saying, BTS would make great characters in a horror film.

Like they could all be serial killers trying to kill each other.

Okay, I’ll focus on the music now.

(It is amazing, though.)

(like, seriously.)

Intense, heavy beat and rapid-fire lyrics with this aesthetic and I’m a goner.

It’s so fucking beautiful.

(he’s fucking beautiful.)

He swears more than expected. Which has nothing to do with the doctor and isn’t why I grabbed this. But I just wanted to throw it in before saying “AMG JIN IS A DOCTOR IN THE DOPE VIDEO AND WHAT IF HE’S THIS DOCTOR AND KOOKIE IS THE COP AND THIS COULD TOTALLY BE A HORROR MOVIE”


Back to business, shall we?

fuck, this song is good.

Fuck, RM is pretty.

This whole video is creepy and wonderful.

I think these are the eyeball pills from “Do You” which adds a whole extra level of creepy. (THEY’RE EYES. THEY ARE ALL EYES.)

so creepy.

so amazing.


And the cycle is complete.

Well, almost. Just a few seconds more.

There. Now we’re done.

One last mini-roundup before we close it out for the day

Joke by RM
Released: March 26, 2015
Album: RM
Length: 3:08
Notes: The final MV from RM’s first (of hopefully many?) mixtapes.
Watched Status: Previously unwatched

So now to summarize the whole experience:

RM is incredibly talented. He co-writes a lot of BTS’s songs and then also puts out these intense raps of his own. Beyond that, he’s also the leader of BTS and takes care of the whole group.

I’ve always respected him, but after watching these three videos I’m just totally in awe. It’s astounding. I was going to pick a favorite here but I just can’t. They’re all wonderful in their own ways and I want him to release another mixtape so bad I can hardly stand it.

It’s his turn.

Batter up, motherfucker.

Join me tomorrow when I break down the other two videos I was supposed to break down last week. Including the FIRST ANNUAL HALLOWEEN VIDEO.
You’re in for a surprise, sports fans.

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