Fangirl Follow Along Special #4

The special that almost wasn’t. You know… since I was supposed to post these two in last weekend’s special.

But not the point!

Previously on Fangirl Follow Along we checked out RM’s mixed tape and today we’re waching a remix and…

ohmygawd I’m so excited I can barely contain it.


Guys. GUYS!

If you don’t know about these yet, prepare to be

But first…

Danger (Mo-Blue-Mix) ft. THANH

Oh shit. There’s a bighit intro. Should this have been a normal video and not a special post? Well, it’s too late to worry about that now.

Cats, bags, etc.

I already love it. The feel of the music. The black and white. The traffic of the city.


J-Hope being happy.


Suga being super fucking into it.


Thanh Bui, who I just lost a chunk of time to researching. (Vietnamese Australian singer-songwriter who won Australian Idol. And is my age, actually, making me feel three hundred percent less pervy for watching this video.


Serious RM in black and white should be illegal.

Like, what possible defenses are there against this?

Wait, let me math.

This came out in 2014. Kookie was born in 1997. 2014-1997=17.

I have no comment here.

(don’t. DO NOT.)

Jin, however, was 22 so I can… well actually he just looks lost and I want to give him a hug.

He’s even wearing a shirt with the name Wendy on it. He’s a lost boy. He needs a hug!!

(Just learned yesterday that Peter Pan and his lost boys were code for kids dying young and now feel choked up.)

And now I just feel very attacked.



He’s soft and buff and a cupcake and a muscle pig and… I lurve Jimin so hard it hurts.

I just hope he knows it.

He knows it.

He looks all unassuming, but never forget that he’s an alien angel smoosh baby. The second you do… BAM! he blindsides you.

Jimin knows what I’m talking about.

I always forget J-Hope has a “serious rapper” face since he’s normally all smiles.

And I keep expecting him to just break into a sunshine smile.

But he doesn’t. Instead, we get Suga smirking.

and, okay. I approve.

More Thanh (stealing time from Jin, Jimin and V, but whatevs…)

Hype around a piano. They’re just too cute for words.

So the chorus is in English and I don’t even mind that the singers have less lines because look how stinkin’ adorbs they are!

Thanh is incredibly talented.

I’ll be checking him out.

(He plays piano and we fade to black, but I missed it looking up more videos… sorry.)

(but it’s okay because the Halloween version is here. IT’S HERE!)

War of Hormone (Halloween Version)

oooooooooooo spooky.


Two seconds in and I can already tell that pausing for this is going to be a pain in the ass.

Ghoul Jungkook takes a swipe at prisoner J-Hope while vampire RM considers draining them both.

They do actual dance moves before welcoming in…

Charlie Chaplin Jimin and (wait until you see him face on) Joker V.

Alien angel (sex) baby.

This will NEVER leave you.

And then smiling Chucky Suga (so wrong) and faux drunk Captain Jack (ewww… no Johnny Depp characters) come in.

And we’re good to go.

Because you know what needed makeup to draw the eye? RM’s lips.

I love how in character Junkook is and how out of character Suga is.

(and just J-Hope and Jin. They’re wonderful.)


I always want V to be Joker and I always want Suga to smile this much. My heart. Is full.

He’s too cute to be scary. Unsettling sure, but not full-on scary.

And it’s so weird to see him not moving around much while everyone else does.

Yeah, no. Still (*cough*seventeen*cough*) cute. Still cute.

(fine, listen, boy is hot as fuck…)

And barely moving his lips to lipsync and he’s really committed to this.

Listen, I know Joker is a piece of shit. I know this. I feel it deep in my comic fangirl Harley lover heart.

And yet…

I sory of love Joker.

right here.

Right now.

I hate V for doing this to me.

(I’m lying, I could never hate V.)

Also… look at Suga.

You. Are. Welcome.

I should point out that V is also an actor. And you can tell. By how well he plays up his character here.

Jin too.

RM is moving more than Jungkook and I don’t even know what life is anymore.

If they ever make more Batman movies, I demand V be Joker.


It’s a bit unsettling.

I might set this as the background on my phone.

This is why I’m always shocked by serious rapper J-Hope. You see it, right?

Jin plays drunk REALLY well.

Only seventeen, so we are moving on.


Jesus fuck.

And officially my favorite Joker.

But that’s it. That’s the end.

I know, I’m sad too.

But join me next time when we break down I Need U. (And trust me, I do.)

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