Fangirl Follow Along Special Event: HYYH Trilogy. Part Four: Run

Ah, finally. We’ve made it to the part of our first Fangirl Follow Along special event where I knew that it would be a special event before I watched (more of) the video and started drafting.

Unlike the intro, I NEED U, and prologue, I have…

…okay I still have no idea what I’m doing. But I have more of an idea than previously?

Yeah, I don’t know. Let’s just get to the trigger warnings and then this video that is not a Bruce Springsteen cover.

I know, I’m disappointed too.

All previous trigger warnings still apply. You’ve been warned.

(Hey guys, it’s me! You’re friendly, neighborhood trigger warning. The following video contains graphic violence, depression, suicide, underage drinking, and is basically as heavy as fuck. Don’t watch if you’re in a vulnerable place.)

I just want to know how they got this shot. I’ve already alt-tabbed out to find the behind the scene video. But there was nothing on that shot. Just a lot of running, the boys playing with dogs, RM not getting a door open on the first try, and lollipops.

So, listen, I’m willing to bet the judges will give him a few underserved points for that but based on the splash he left he’s not going to be in gold medal–



I’ve just been informed that this is a music video and not a diving competition.

Carry on.

This is not how we treat beverages in this house, young man.

More lollipops. (To accentuate his epic lips.)

FFS RM, this is why we don’t drop shit in drinks and you’re in a fucking kitchen use a fucking napkin.

This fucking guy…

…is totally forgiven.

(to be fair, it’s the same reason my husband never stays in trouble.)

*blinks* *inhales* …nope. I am not questioning the lollipop stirring.

And I lied. So you drop the lollipop in your drink and then… continue to drink? That’s not safe. You’re gonna stab yourself or choke. Fucking kids these days!.

Imma put a star next to learn Korean…

Fuckhot RM looking fucking hot in rolled skinny jeans and boots wandering a train yard which is, you guessed it, fucking hot.


An honest expression. Apparently, it was hard to tug this door open. (RM has issues with doors on video shoots.)

Wait, is that what’s inside trains?

I one hundred percent hate backward sunglasses. Except when they’re on Jimin. He makes them work.


Is RM in a leather jacket now?

OH god, leather jacket, glasses, and pink hair. Hold on. Let me switch to the RUN version so I can get better quality.

There we go. Welcome to hell, population us and our thirst.

What the…

…actual fuck.


(without his cock out. Another expression that is a lie.)

Jungkook is blowing a streamer next to Min(t hair) Suga. (My favorite Suga, btw.) All while wearing…

…wait for it…

A cowboy hat.

And Suga is bitting his lip. I was not prepared for this video. I expected more heavy shit and instead I get fuckbois.

Full on fuckbois.

What is even happening right now?

Is this V after he jumped into the ocean? Is this him after he fell backward? Is this even V?

Who knows, maybe it’s crowd favorite monk on a mission Bang “JJoNak” Sung-hyeon. (It isn’t because he’s just a baby, but still…)

This reminds me of that scene in The Covenant


That’s the one.

I was trying to get something else, but I never miss the chance for a BTS tongue.

Okay so here. First, we have Jin thrown up against the outline of a person, reminiscent of the outline from the pool scene earlier. V is slashing him out in spraypaint. Like the attack in I NEED U? Sort of. And look at Jin’s face.

My god Jin can act.

Jimin is a shook fuckboi sitting under the “wasted youth enter the…” graffiti and RM is a stunned nerd with a prismatic rainbow covering his face.

I love EVERYTHING about this shot.

Except for the lack of Kookie, Suga, and Hobi. But what can you do?

X marks the spot and we see V looking like thug John Lennon while Jimin exemplifies everything that is the bad boy stereotype in East Asian media.

And I’m amazed because they tried so hard to look tough in 2013 and here they are two years later making themselves look badass so easily.

I fully believe the RM above is a delinquent while the one below:

Just looks like a tryhard.

I love V.

Spotlight equals cops. And cops are just state-sanctioned thugs.

So they run.

I get it.


Who knocks it over? Is it V? I bet it’s V…

I adore Jin’s goofball smile.


Well, I’ll never find out what happens in the remaining six minutes because I’m staying right here forever.

I have my reasons and you know what they are so why bother spelling them out?

Called it!

Aww… now I’m all conflicted. Because you know from this series that as much as I say Jungkook and Suga are my faves, V clearly is. And he made Jin sad. And I hate that. Look how startled he is. I need to hug Jin.


Okay, so I still need to hug Jin but V is chewing on a card. He’s like a puppy. I cannot even.

And I’m dead. When you bury me just list the BTS chant on my headstone.

Nirvana isn’t even that good.


So the chant, for when you need it, is:

Kim Namjoon! Kim Seokjin! Min Yoongi! Jung Hoseok! Park Jimin! Kim Taehyung! Jeon Jungkook! BTS!

I feel like Big Hit was just tricking the boys into exercising.

It looks like Jin just realized too.

Because I mean:

I know the song is called “run” but we didn’t watch them prove they were bulletproof in We Are Bulletproof pt. 2…

Merman before we get clips of the boys looking … like fuckbois.

And then more running.

Clearly not enough, though, as RM and V end up arrested.

RM is not amused.

Or is he?

Heavy breathing and shared weighted glances.

ACK! warn a girl before you switch from arrested RM and V to J-Hope looking like shit.

In a sketchy hospital facility. But hey, at least he didn’t die!

Okay, I’m done trying to figure out context and instead I’m just going to admire the pretty.

Pretty boy pillow fight. There is a god.

And then things get confusing. Suga and Jungkook are either playing or fighting.

But at least I know they are drinking because those are beer bottles.

They both look angry.

And Suga looks upset.

But then Jungkook tackles him with a hug?

And Suga smiles.

Before throwing Jungkook into the wall and we still have five more minutes…

When are we? November 2015? JESUS CHRIST THIS BARELY LEGAL KID.

Okay, so it is a fight.

But before Suga can hit Kookie with a chair, V.

Oh, thank god.

The house of cards falls (again?)

Jin looks contemplative.

And they’re partying again…

Though it looks like Jungkook knows.



…is so pretty.

Where did everyone go?

More running.

Some rooftop soccer.

Which is shocking!

Jimin is adorbs.

And we’re running…

And hanging out in alleys with the best graffiti heart.

And having lollipops…

And we’re running…

Do guys even photo booth? (Bro.)

Maybe it’s a generational thing.

And we’re running.





Hobi is lying back in his sketchy hospital bed.

And then lying on Jimin’s lap in the same pose.

And side note, I’m seventy-two percent sure I knew someone with those British flag boots.

More soft Jimin.

And Soft V with green tips (I love those tips.)

Yeah, because Jungkook needed a fuzzy sweater as he wasn’t looking soft enough.

He gets a tackle-hug.

By Suga!

*blinks* … I’m not staying here.

And I wasn’t going to take any more screengrabs of pretty!Jimin at artistic angles… but then he looked at me.

He looked at me.

Jungkook still piecing things together.

Well, I can understand why he’s confused.

This shot, though.

I mean, I still have questions.

Like “what the fuck is J-Hope’s problem?”

Why is Jimin on a car throwing chips at it?

What are those faces?

Who will save me from LostBoy!Jimin?

Why is V like this?

Who will save me from LostBoy!Suga

Is V spraypainting a windshield?

Is that a Yankee Candle air freshener?

How are there over three minutes left?

And we’re running.

We’re running.

We’re running…

We’re still fucking running…

They finally remember Jin has a truck…

So they climb in and taunt the people chasing them.

Always wise. That never backfires.

Narrator: It always backfires.

What is happening?!

Aside from Jimin fucking assaulting me. I don’t have to put up with this…

He throws open the door (that says “inhale, exhale, breath”)

More partying

Jimin looking Fae as Fuck.

Goofball smile and Crocodile Kookie.

Erm, no. Jimin is forbidden from bathtubs.

Okay, maybe with adult supervision.

And clearly, the members of BTS are not adults…

Is that a Seoul Dynasty jacket?

I hope V got something extra for doing this…

Because there is a lot of underwater work.

And we’re running.

We’re running.

We’re running…

Kookie back against the wall. But not in the same outfit he died in. I checked.

More running screenshots I did not grab.

Jin looks to his left.

V looks to his right.

Jungkook looks back, blinks, and then smiles before we cut to the credits.

That has clips from the other MVs, but I’m not grabbing any more than this one. There are some adorable moments though, so stick around through them all.

Especially since after the credits, there’s a scene where you learn what photo it was that Jimin burned.


I just…

I just need to outro this so we can go to the epilogue.

Released: November 29, 2015
Album: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1
Length: 7:30
Notes: gym class disguised as a music video.
Watched Status: Previously unwatched
Bias: Jimin
Favorite video to date: …there was this video of a husky arguing that it hadn’t stolen a shoe before retuning the shoe… That video.

Join me in just a few more minutes when we finish up the series with Epilogue: Young Forever.

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