Fangirl Follow Along Special Event: HYYH Trilogy. Part One: Introductions

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate stumbling over my first roadblock in Fangirl Follow Along history.

Fucking video trilogies.

You may remember, last time we were together I let you know that I NEED U. A mind fuck of a video that switches between beauty and despair without any linear storytelling. Today we were supposed to sit down and cover “I NEED U” again. This time, though, it was to be the original version. What mind fucks of switching between beauty and despair can the original hold that were cut from the other version, I wondered.

The one that had an additional two minutes of footage. I worried. For myself. And actually originally drafted this intro to say “pray for me.” before breaking into the breakdown.

Then I watched it…

And then I looked up fan theories because what the ever-loving fuck did I just watch?

Turns out, it was the first video from the “HYYH trilogy.”

Wondering what the fuck that is? Good, I’m not alone.

“HYYH” stands for HwaYangYeonHwa pt.2 (English translation: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 2). Like with their other albums, this is part of that is part of this is re-released to that until I have no idea what is up anymore.

But that’s not important.

What is important is that three tracks from HYYH have linked videos. I NEED U (original version), Run, and Epilogue: Young Forever. They tell a linked story and somewhat linear story with the addition of a prologue between I NEED U (original version) and Run. Which is not how prologues work, but whatever.

We’re not going to focus on that because based on their release dates, I NEED U (original version) should’ve been released today, on week eighteen. Run was scheduled for week twenty-two. And the epilogue? That was week twenty-five.

After oodles of soul-searching, I decided to post them all together.

And promptly crashed my video card when I tried to load this many screenshots at once. (Actually, it fried on its own but the timing. THE TIMING.) As a result, I decided that I should probably break these out into their own posts.

Otherwise, you’ll still be waiting for images to load next week when we breakdown FOR YOU.

Without further adieu, I throw you down the rabbit hole and introduce you to the version of I NEED U that was not watered down to take its rating from 19+ to something that could be shown on Korean TV.

I NEED U (Original Version)

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