Fangirl Follow Along Special Event: HYYH Trilogy. Part Three: Prologue

For context, this is when I decided to watch the whole video and then decided to break things out into a multi-part special. (It wouldn’t be until Thursday morning that I actually started to break things out and realized how it would work.)

So you can take this journey with me, I’ve left the entire post as it was written. I guess making this: Fangirl Follow Along Special Event: HYYH Trilogy. Part Three: Prologue (original version.)

Previously on Fangirl Follow Along I died slowly to bring you the original version of I NEED U.

Blah, blah, blah.

Listen, I have no idea what to do here. I’m one hundred percent lost. You see, I NEED U is just the start of a larger whole. One that includes the ten-minute-long (ill-named) Prologue before the seven-minute-long Run and then finally the three and a half minute long Epilogue: Forever Young.

Run should have been on week twenty-two. Epilogue: Forever Young was week twenty-five. The Prologue existed nowhere on my list.

So I’m saying fuck it all to the order and reviewing the rest of the lot here. In a special. Because I have to fuck with my timetable anyway so why not go big and then go home?

All previous trigger warnings still apply. You’ve been warned.

(Hey guys, it’s me! You’re friendly, neighborhood trigger warning. The following video contains graphic violence, depression, suicide, and is basically as heavy as fuck. Don’t watch if you’re in a vulnerable place.)

Additionally, there may be underage drinking? I’m not one hundred percent what they’re drinking later in the video.

Just so everyone knows, this starts in exactly the same way as the original version. Big Hit Logo, flower, sad Jin, wrecked Hobi, runaway Jungkook, exiled Taehyung, Sad Suga, working RM, and suicidal Jimin.

In fact, the first five and a half minutes are the same as they were yesterday. So I’m not taking another one hundred plus screencaps and dealing with that level of emotional upheaval.

Just remember that Peter Pan was an allusion to infant death and this first section is full of Peter fucking Pan.

Okay, now that I’ve watched my favorite boys kill or be killed (while RM used his leader privileges to get “has a shitty job” and Jin pulled rank as the oldest to be the guy in the shorts…) let’s move onto the next phase of this video.


Which, remember, normally comes at the beginning, not after section one. But, whatever. We’re already here might as well roll with it.

WAIT! First, let’s take a moment to appreciate RM’s flock of seagulls haircut.

Okay, now to the middle of the story Prologue.

We open with Clair De Lune and V alone in a seedy room. So already I know I might as well give up.

Was the moving instrumental really necessary here?

Monsters. All of you.

Just the absolute worst.

And of course, he’s shaking. I’m a little upset that V is such a good actor right now.

Still Clair De Lune, but now with the soft sounds of birds and the water he’s trying to clean himself with.

But, of course, he can’t so he’s full-on Lady MacBeth-ing it here.

The blood. THE BLOOD!

And, obviously, we’re now using our phone while covered in blood.

My life is ruined by this sad, bloody Taehyung aesthetic.

We’re very fortunate he’s an idol and not an actor. He was capable of either. Fully capable. Just watching him almost choke on his own tongue here…

And work the lighting.

Distraught facial expressions.


Oh god, he finally broke down.

I’m dead.


Oh, thank god. Another title screen and we get a break from Sad!Tae.

I have never been happier to see a pair of legs.

Well, okay, when my daughter was born and they were no longer inside of me kicking… but this is a close second.

Okay, a- running in combat boots sucks, I speak from experience. B- how many days did they make our boys wear the same rolled jeans and boots outfits?

Oh no! More sad Taehyung. Just in a new setting…

Hand to god, RM isn’t human. Look at him try and run. (And is that a Nirvana shirt?)

(It is.)

I feel fear.

Distrust and fear. This is how I watch horror movies, FYI. Constantly tensed in preparation for jump scares.

I should have prepped for swallowing my tongue instead. I mean, so pretty.

Of course, the murdered father.

The crumpled murdered father.

The lost boys.

Following the leader.

The leader.

The leader…

Wherever he may go…

(Jimin looks so soft here.)

Wait… there are only…






Where are the other two?

I love hands.

And nature.

And BTS.

And alien angel smoosh babies.

And BTS comforting alien angel smoosh babies.

Welcoming him into the lost boys.


See, look. I let my fucking guard down and their on CCTV.

Kookie realizes it…

Wait… Jin was recording them?

And is now running to join them…

And is hugging the alien angel smoosh baby… just… what is happening?

The happiness is a lie.

I objectively love this image. It’s just a solid picture of BTS. I mean, in context I hate it because I know nothing good can happen when V is covered in blood, but…

I need to learn Korean.

Is so pure.

So soft and sweet and happy…

…Okay, maybe nothing bad is going to happen.

Jimin runs to RM and I imagine this is a Dirty Dancing situation…

Close enough.

I’ll admit it, I have no idea what’s going on anymore.

Unless my Peter Pan theory is real…

Like, I don’t know how to handle my theories being… correct.

Which means I’m just going to spam you with pictures of our pure boys being pure in Neverland.

And we pan out. Meaning scene change. Meaning drama?

Or RM’s lips. One of those two things.

I really need to learn Korean.

I like fire.

So the bulletproof lost boy scouts are now… watching a video of their day?


J-Hope and Jin smiling while eating pretzels is my new aesthetic.

Wait… are RM and Jimin drinking? Do I need to scroll all the fucking way back up to the top just to add an underage drinking warning?

Well, fuck me sideways. I’m going to bed to deal with this tomorrow.

Except I didn’t… because Suga had a lighter and it made me nervous.

Fuck. So pretty.

More homoerotic imagery.

Where did they get a 4×4?

Wait, no. Forget I asked that question. It’s not important. What is important is this question… RM CAN DRIVE?

Are you sure?

None of this seems safe.

Suga looking this happy is like, my all time favorite thing in the world. (Suga has admitted struggling with depression and seeing depressed folks be honestly happy gives me hope. And life. And hope for life… or something.)

Okay, so first I’m jealous because second this is bad for beaches so I will never actually drive my (theoretical) 4×4 on the beach.

Every time I watch them run I am left with more questions than answers.

FYI there was a lot of beach shenanigans I did not screencap because I’ve got like, one hundred already and I’m not even through the prologue.

This is going to have to be a multi-post special. And this angle is pretty as fuck.

But that’s okay. Because it means we made it through this post without any painful drama. Just the threat of painful drama.

Which is… better?

Yeah, I’ve got nothing. But the boys are pulling into RM’s place of employment, so I think we’re winding down.

RM has another lollipop. (After this video, how long do you think before he could eat them again?)

He takes Jin’s pink (of course it is) camera and Suga photobombs.

J-Hope overacts but Jimin is soft and precious.

Which obviously J-Hope appreciates as he tucks him in more securely before they drive off.

We go back to the beach with Jungkook.

And Suga.

The rest of the boys must be asleep in the truck, which is (I suppose) the modern treehouse?

Wait… which one is Tinkerbell?

It’s probably V. He’s more human than human.

And probably about to jump. I should’ve gone to bed before Suga played with the lighter. I’m going to have nightmares now.




…why did he stop falling.

What the hell is happening?

OH! I know what happened…

We’ve cut over to Run.

Well, this is where we break for the moment. Join me in literally five minutes when I break down…

…run. When I breakdown Run.

(And I’m not doing a traditional Fangirl outro here because I did have nightmares. And then my husband rolled over when I was close to wakefulness at three in the goddamned morning and snuffled into my ear and I LEPT OUT OF BED AND SCREAMED.

No outro for you.)

so he’s the outro because I felt guilty.

Prologue by BTS
Released: October 10, 2015
Album: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1
Length: 11:57
Notes: hmpf
Watched Status: Previously unwatched
Reason: *grunt*
Favorite video to date: Female President by Girl’s Day, which I used as a palate cleanser because this was nearly twelve minutes of me waiting for the shoe (V, in this case) to drop.

NOW! Join me in literally five minutes when I breakdown Run

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