Fangirl Follow Along: FOR YOU

2018 is just the gift that keeps on giving. It’s trying to kill my spirit and my joy. This week has been truly exceptional.

BUT! We have our first Japanese Only BTS song. The one that prompted the jobs in that Fanfiction I really liked. With J-Hope and Suga and…

You know what, let’s just move on.

Previously on Fangirl Follow Along we had our first Special Event! The HYYH Trilogy.

Today, it’s all FOR YOU.

And we start with the mascot. A hybrid between Winnie the Pooh and Teddy Ruxpin.

And it’s adorable.

And it’s sad. (The music helps you know this bit is sad…)

Winnie the Ruxpin is being ignored by passers-by.

Or hit by this jackass.

Because he wants a selca. The jackass.

And hit again because he wants a hive five and I’m going to have to stop taking screen caps here until we get to the reveal.


How could that monster hurt our baby Kookie. Quick, round up a posse!

But the assholes are all worth it (they’re not, but we’re going to get them when Kookie isn’t looking, don’t worry) because he’s texting a girl he likes.

Look at that smile. My heart, guys. MY HEART.

RM starts his rap-singing, so we get to see him looking all soft and pure.

As Jungkook, revitalized from his texts…

…goes back to peddling chicken.

We then get soft Jin (what is on his lips?)

Soft Jimin (you couldn’t find a shirt without logos that required blocking out?)

V. Who I doubt every looks soft and instead just always appears… arresting.

Before RM REALLY gets into it and I can’t even focus on that because Kookie is about to make me loose my mind by being SO SOFT.

Okay. It’s okay. We made it through that sequence in only three screen caps. Because I closed my eyes… and when I opened them:

Holy shit, not better.

Okay… I normally don’t like hats like this but I love hats like this on J-Hope.

And I’m feeling very… I’m just feeling. I have feelings.

Big feelings.

And finally, soft Jungkook before we get back to the plot.

Kookie gets paid and–

HA! Just kidding. We’re actually getting to see Jungkook sing before the dance break.

The big feelings are back.

Big, big feelings.

Centered around both bodies in motion and J-Hope looking like a mid-80s gay fuckboi.

Big Feelings.

Let’s move on…

Jungkook does some quick calculations on how much his humiliation and sweat has earned him…

…before realizing it’s not enough for (spoiler alert) a ticket to mystery text and letter girl.

And they make him appear even sadder by having him swing his bear feet.

Whoever makes BTS videos is a goddamned national treasure and I want America to steal them to make feature films.

Bunny singing.

Jimin leading the dancing.

More Jimin.

All the Jimin…

And I know I don’t focus on Jimin enough. Because he deserves everything. He deserves the world. And I watched Burn The Stage and it’s figuratively eating me up inside that he doubts himself and beats himself up so much because he’s a little mochi baby and so fucking talented and soft and just… He’s just a beautiful soul and now I’m crying so let’s just get back to J-Hope.


Here’s J-Hope.

(I think one of those dancing screenshots was supposed to be about his thighs… oh well.)

(we’ve got this one instead. You can laugh. It’s pretty funny.)

And now we cut to the Lost Boys’ Industrial Tree House where RM is doing a sexy dance, J-Hope is hitting Jimin with a stack of papers, V is annoying Suga, and Jin is, for some reason, skateboarding.

In rolled cuff jeans.

All while Jungkook is dejected.


Oh, it was a book! Not a stack of papers and yes I am ignoring that last screenshot.


V has noticed that something is wrong with Kookie.

Alerts the others, who take notice of sad Kookie.

Before Jimin (our hero) discovers the flyer.

Shows the rest of the lost boys.

Before Kookie snatches it back in shame.

Refusing to share his burden with the lost boys. (And look, once again V is the best actor in the bunch. Though Suga seems happy-go-lucky here, and he’s so not…)

Kookie literally waves them off.

While V tries to process why.

But J-Hope has an idea.

And friends to help make it happen.


During which we learn that all the lost boys now have “menial” soul-crushing jobs.

Jin is working at a car wash. Straining his perfect broad shoulders.

RM is back at a gas station (because that turned out so well when V killed that guy…)

Tongue technology in action.

RM judging me.

See? Nothing good comes from RM working at a gas station.

Delivery boy Suga. Which is funny because rumor has it Suga is grumpy and doesn’t like to move.

(big feelings)

Convenience store worker V.

Do people actually give delivery boys trash in Japan/Korea? Because hubs delivered Pizza for years and no one ever attempted to give him trash…


Waiter J-Hope (holy fuck his arms) and dishwasher Jimin (holy fuck his thighs).

Big. Fucking. Feelings.

Enamored Kookie.


Before everyone’s favorite pair messes about…

Big smiles from Suga.

V has a lollipop.

DANCE BREAK (and Jin finally gets his solo)

It’s like he’s consistently shocked that this is his life, and vaguely embarrassed by it.

It’s so fucking cute.

Arms. Arms feelings. Arms…

Someone save me from J-Hope induced feelings.

Not what I meant.

You know what…

So… I know I’m skipping over the dance sections a lot. But that’s because next week’s video is the dance version of this song.

Still not helping…

Meanwhile in the Lost Boys’s secret layer…

Jungkook is writing to his long lost love.

I really need to learn Japanese.

It’s so cute when he’s so proud of himself.

But wait!

The boys are back (in town… you’re welcome)

Just in time to tease Kookie.

By reading his love letter aloud.

Why are boys such assholes to each other in the name of “good fun”?

Even when being nice they’ve got to…

Oh shit, Top Air. Well that changes everything.

(There was actually an airline named Top Air in Indonesia, but it ceased operations long before this video was shot. I think our boys were scammed.)

his woah face.

And then hugs.

More hugs.

Kissing tickets…

And then the others remind their favorite dongsaeng that he has a plane to catch… by RM pretending to kick him.

Which is adorable, not assholish.

And then the hyungs all pass out from exhaustion…

but it was all worth it! because…



…his happy ending. Complete with cherry blossoms.

A perfect end to a Korean group shooting a Japanese music video.

Released: June 4, 2015
Album: Youth
Length: 5:06
Notes: Their first Japanese only song
Watched Status: Previously watched
Bias: J-Hope
Reason: big feelings.
Favorite video to date: This one.

Join me next time when we actually pay attention to the choreography instead of J-Hope’s arms (possibly…) in the dance version.

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