Fangirl Follow Along: FOR YOU (Dance Version)

Oh. My. Glob. I missed a Saturday. I missed a follow along. I’m… I’m the worst fan ever.

I mean, I missed it because I spent from Wednesday night until Saturday morning puking whenever I ate something more than sherbert…

But still, I missed a Saturday. I missed a Saturday and saying “previously on Fangirl Follow Along” on a Sunday morning makes me feel icky…

Or maybe I’m still sick…

Anyway, previously on Fangirl Follow Along we watched FOR YOU where the hyungs were just the best to Jungkook. Today, we get to focus on J-Hope looking like a mid 80s fuck boy in the dance version.

I mean, look at those shorts. (Look at those thighs.) Look at the lack of a Big Hit logo because it was a Japanese song.

(And is that Jimin in the white hat? That feels like the kind of absurd outfit they’d put Jimin in.)

It is. It is Jimin. Why did the stylist hate Jimin?

(I’m not going to survive J-Hope’s thighs.)

Also, the opening movement looked like ballet and now I need some AU ballerina J-Hope.

Suga is a better dancer than anyone gives him credit for. His movements are so smooth and graceful. He spits such fire while moving like an angel.

Or interpretive dance J-Hope. Listen, I just want J-Hope dancing all the time.

(and never in this outfit again.)

(ALSO! Look at RM looking like an art show douchebag. It’s an amazing pose I caught him in.)

Wait. He’s wearing two button-down shirts? Okay, I only want him wearing this outfit from here on out.

He’s so fucking beautiful it hurts me.

I also really love this technic. Having the other members stationary while Kookie sings. And you might think “oh, that’s not hard” but try to stay perfectly still. Go ahead. Try right now to remain perfectly still.

I’ll wait.

Yeah, that’s what I thought. If you didn’t instantly discover an itch that needed to be taken care of right that second, you needed to blink or had a muscle spasm or…

Just couldn’t remain perfectly still.

My god. The rap line is trying to destroy me.

(Also Kookie and Hobi are doing shoulder rolls and someone freaking save me.)

And V, also an amazing dancer.

Are RM’s pant legs tucked into his socks?

Nope, hightops and capris.


Oh my god, they all get solo bits while RM raps.

I’m… I’m gonna die here.

But what a way to go, am I right?

Oh. Kookie singing break.

Smiling Kookie is life.

And the lighting? Brilliant.

More smiles in his Rorschach shirt.

Oh god, V’s shirt says “how long”

And it’s…

…tucked into…

…his pants…

Okay. We’re gonna just…

*hits play*

Finally, some Jimin time. (I’m so soft for Jimin.)

Oh. My. Um…

Well, let’s focus on how J-Hope looks possessed so I don’t make the “Jimin goes from cinnamon roll to sin-a-Min roll” comment, k?

BTS makes it nearly impossible to have a bias. You’ll claim to have one, watch the videos, take the tests, and say “YES! JUNGKOOK IS MY BIAS” and then someone else will come on screen and it’s “YES, J-HOPE IS MY BIAS.”

It just… it defies logic. But really, they all trigger this instinct to protect and cuddle them. Because they’re all precious. I mean, look at Jungkook. LOOK AT THAT LITTLE BUNNY FACE.

I need to smoosh that bunny face.

He’s totally my bias.

Look at Jimin coming off all confident and just glowing. He’s my bias.

(Look at Suga’s hands. He’s my bias.)

(Look at V looking done with this whole video. He’s my bias.)

(You get my point.)

Oh, hey. Jungkook’s facial shape here reminds me of a girl I went to school with. From kindergarten through graduation. (Totally had a crush on her, FYI.)

I love the imagery of Suga walking away from the group while they try to hold on. (And check the facial expressions on J-Hope and Kookie.)

He’s just so talented. With his rapping, his movements, his production skills. And the thought that he doesn’t believe it just kills me.

Seriously, they trigger my protective instincts so hard.

How long is what?

*gasp* V!

(get it, I asked how long is what and then he was running his hand down his… you know what? Let’s forget it.)

On a more serious note, I love this choreography.

It’s impossible not to smile when J-Hope is smiling.

I hate Jin’s hair and outfit in this video. (And how little screentime he always gets.)

Boys got shoulders for days and this outfit just… does not do them justice. It’s a crying shame.

I don’t think it’s possible for Jungkook to not look adorable. I mean, even when he nearly passed out on stage (should I break down Burn the Stage? I feel like I should) and he still looked adorable.

It’s unfair.

I was gonna make some flip comment about J-Hope even being shocked by it, but he’s too adorable to take away from this moment.

Especially since it’s the last one I captured before they all turned around and we faded to black.

Which means this was a short follow along, making me feel even worse that it was a day late.

(Unless, of course, I’m not actually better. I did decide I’d be okay to eat dinner a little while ago…)

Welp, no use crying over spilled spaghetti sauce. Instead, let’s just break it down.

FOR YOU (dance version) by BTS
Released: June 16, 2015
Album: Youth
Length: 4:45
Notes: I… got nothing.
Watched Status: Previously watched
Bias: J-Hope
Reason: Thighs. for. days.
Favorite video to date: FOR YOU

Join me next time when we watch… *wait for it* DOPE.

(I’m so excited.)

(edit: Dope was pre-empted by Euphoria.)

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