Fangirl Follow Along Special Event: LOVE YOURSELF: Tear Part Four: Fake Love Teaser Two

Previously on Fangirl Follow Along we revisited the HYYH trilogy (sort of) in the Euphoria trailer. That shit was DOPE. (See what I did there?)

Then earlier today, I told you about the SECOND FANGIRL FOLLOW ALONG SPECIAL! (all caps and exclamation points), we broke down Singularity, and we had our first FAKE LOVE teaser.

Now, the conclusion…

Twenty-eight seconds of teaser and seven are taken up by the fucking logo. I have never been upset to see the BigHit logo, but here we are.




Is it tomorrow yet?

Because thirty seconds (not even) isn’t going to be

*swallows tongue*

*misses the still of V*

*chokes on spit*

*chokes on air*

*falls out of chair*


Okay. Okay. You made your point. Thirty seconds is enough.

Thirty seconds will never be enough.


Oh no…

*spit take*

*flushes with embarrassment*

*blood pressure crashes*

*falls out of chair*


And then three seconds of outro.

So seven seconds at the beginning, three at the end, meaning we had eighteen seconds of footage and I managed to die twice.

Friday morning, someone better have paramedics on alert. (Luckily I live like two minutes from the fire station.)

Fake Love Official Teaser Two by BTS
Released: May 16, 2018
Length: 0:28
Notes: one more day!!
Watched Status: Previously unwatched
Bias: Jimin
Reason: Shoulder.
Favorite video to date: Dope (still)

Join me tomorrow where I (hopefully) break down Fake Love without dying in some embarrassing way.

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