Fangirl Follow Along Special Event: LOVE YOURSELF: Tear Part One: Introductions

Previously on Fangirl Follow Along shit was DOPE. (See what I did there?)

And oh… Oh, my loves, it has been too long. Well, only like two weeks but it feels as if it’s been forever. I am happy to say, though, that in that time I’ve gotten into a much better place. Physically and emotionally. And, bonus, I’ve got internet again! Just in time for BTS to drop their new album tomorrow!

Are you pumped? I’m pumped. And in honor of all these things happening at the same time, I’m breaking schedule for our very second special event! The LOVE YOURSELF: Tear teasers and trailers.

You may remember that on April 14th I broke down the first trailer for LOVE YOURSELF: Tear. And by “broke down” I mean I broke down as we revisited the HYYH trilogy (sort of) in the Euphoria trailer.

Today, we’re previewing V’s Singularity, FAKE LOVE Teaser One, and FAKE LOVE Teaser Two.

Let’s get it on.

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