Fangirl Follow Along: Run (Japanese Version)

Remember previously on Fangirl Follow Along when I used to stick to my schedule? I’m apparently still not doing that thing…

But, hey. Depression, owning a broken house, a broken computer, and a puppy… am I right?

*weeps openly*

Now that I’ve made everything awkward… last time we watched the extended version of FAKE LOVE. I demanded to know how they were going to resolve the cliffhanger, and no one cared.

Today I’ll be breaking down Run. The Japanese version.

There had better not be any more character deaths. I’m just saying…

Look at that hair!

V, your counter-culture friend from college who’s “going to make a difference”

And I was trying to get a shot of him taking Jin by the shoulder but then it cut to this and… Oh, my god, he’s too adorable.

Okay, I was not prepared for RM without dark eyeliner and white lightened eyebrows… I just…

I need a moment.

Okay, I’m ready.


He even has white shoes on.

What did I ever do to deserve this? It was either very good or very bad.

I didn’t even make it thirty seconds.

Please do not slide down the wall.


It’s like they found every one of my secret triggers and just… exposed me. I feel very attacked.

(Just kidding, I have over three hundred secret triggers.)

Mint Yoongi is another of those.

And like, I know the boys just released a diss song in honor of their anniversary… but I didn’t realize this video from a lifetime ago would be such a personal attack…


At least once a video I find myself screeching “what were you thinking?! he could’ve been hurt.”

That is this moment with the broken glass.

(Even though it’s so pretty)

Light reflecting off the water and onto Jin. Seems fair. (It’s not fair)

He was also wearing suspenders, FYI, but I couldn’t catch it.

For reasons.

…I need another moment to compose myself.

They even put Jungkook in suspenders? HAVE THEY NO SHAME?

(no, they don’t. They have ass shots instead.)

(I’m serious, it’s an integral part of the choreography in this sequence.)


(Honestly, my first reaction was to shout “drop it” in the same tone I use with my puppers)

Look at all those suspenders…

Giving a person who has publically admitting to struggling with depression a shard of broken glass to hold makes me very nervous.

Goddamn, he’s pretty.

I’m very sensitive to images of Jimin in water thanks to this trilogy.


(Again, I’m screaming “this isn’t safe.”)

I like how they cut to hot RM like I’m going to forget…

…Jimin in a fetal position in a fish tank.

I’m not. My anxiety is through the roof. I actually have a tension headache from worry even knowing that this was filmed two years ago so obviously, Jimin is okay.

I’m guessing this is how upset I look.

And now they’re throwing J-Hope at me like he can distract me from–

Wait, what was I saying?

Ah, V. The most underrated member of BTS. (Because I live in a world where everyone acknowledges Jimin and his contributions and no one threatens to fucking kill him.)

That awkward moment when you show up at the club for dinner and you’ve all forgotten your suit jackets so you have to use the loaners.

(And also, I adore Jimin’s hair here.)

All butts and suspenders all the time.

Has he been wearing that the entire time? Oh shit, he has. It makes him look even softer and I’m so soft for him.

That hair color…

More ass-ography. To make sure all fans are being personally attacked by this video.

I need 300% less Jimin under water.

There we go. And it’s even him moving in such a controlled and graceful way that it makes me weep.

And renders me totally unable to grab screenshots…

I also need 300% fewer ass-shots and suspenders. It’s just cruel.

Like honestly.


More Jimin dancing. (Seriously, how could anyone threaten him?)

He’s so pretty. And talented. And I just want him to have all the bestest things in life.

My god, that’s a pretty shot.

Wait… have I been suffering just so you could prove the point that there’s no going back to your youth? Because that’s a truth you cannot appreciate when you’re young. It’s like, physically and emotionally impossible.

But pretty boys hurting? That’s something I can be aware of even though I am not a pretty boy. It’s a feeling I can feel. It’s a feeling I am feeling. And no amount of butt shots can…

Low blow, throwing in Jimin in a muscle shirt.

(We, as a species, do not deserve Park Jimin.)

And low blow with the epic lighting.

Goddamn, this video is pretty! Why do pretty things bring me so much pain?

Let’s just add in some J-Hope to really make me conflicted.

Yeup, twist that knife.

Done now?

Nope, one last epic lighting shot. And then we fade out…

So I can immediately watch it again.

God, it’s so good. I mean, painful imagery, but so good.

But that kind of sums of a lot of BTS’s MVs, so…

Run (Japanese Version) by BTS
Released: March 11, 2016
Album: Youth
Length: 3:55
Notes: I’m not fully sure why I even have this field anymore
Watched Status: Previously unwatched
Bias: Jimin
Reason: Listen, it was going to be V but Jimin was just too fucking pretty this time around and I’m baffled that people can’t see what a beautiful being he is…
Favorite video to date: Dope

Join me next time when I review… *looks at scattered notes* Jimin’s muscle shirts? No, wait… *grabs another paper* crying emojis.

Uh… listen. I’ll be back eventually with some video broken down.

(EDIT: It was Idol)

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