Fangirl Follow Along: IDOL by BTS

WAIT! before you go any further… This video has visual inspiration and easter eggs from previous videos. And I wanted to go back and reference them where I saw them but it detracted from my overall crying because I was so happy for them.

So I didn’t.

But I’m sure others have and they’re probably amazing. Like them to me below if you find anything you feel like sharing.

Previously on Fangirl Follow Along I viewed Run. The Japanese Version.

Then I fell into a well, or some other excuse as to why I haven’t posted in *checks date* HOLY FUCK, TWO MONTHS.

Okay, well ignoring that… Love Yourself: Answer hit today so what better time than to jump back into the deep end?

(Answer: when you’re actually prepared for it. But that requires a lot of things I’ve been avoiding and dammit I want to watch this video.)


SIDE NOTE: I listened to Trivia: Seesaw and I am fucking ruined. I.Am.Ruined.

Okay, for realz now.

And… Big Hit.

Oh.My.God. I’m already in love with the color palette. And I’m crying a little.

Oh. Oh no.

This is bad guys… this is real, real bad.

I feel very threatened by this video. I am personally under attack.

He’s a demon. A DEMON. Because A) angels don’t look that good and B) I am fully willing to sign over my eternal soul.


This effect actually makes me feel a little sick (I get weird motion sickness.) Only time will tell if it’s enough to break the siren’s spell.

(spoiler alert: it will not be. Calling it now.)

Yeah, it wasn’t.

Goddamn, these outfits.

These. Fucking. Outfits.

That. Fucking. Hip Movement.

RM’s smirk, Jimin’s Sup. Jin’s… is that supposed to be a sexy face? V clearly enjoying himself and Jungkook concentrating and this is BTS right here.

(Wish I could see Suga and J-Hope, though…)

There we go.

And for the record, I’m proud of it too…

God, these outfits.

Also, who gave Jimin sexpot lessons? And can I sign up?

God damn, I love J-Hope.

I love J-Hope and I love Jin just being himself in the background and RM looking serious and Jimin LOOKING HOT AS FUCK AND OWNING IT.

And Suga walking on a table. All with this upbeat music. And I just think of their struggles and I am so fucking happy with this in your face and unrepentant “I love myself and what I do and you can’t convince me otherwise.”

Happy and carefree.

(and with his saucy little sexy sneer…)

RM owning being adorable and cute and having fun (and fuck, he’s still practically a baby… all of 24 years old.)

I love bunny ears.

V being full on adorkable.

I just… the whole theme with this post is going to be me being thrilled with how happy and content our boys seem. How at peace with themselves. And while that may not reflect how they are all of the time in real life (though I hope it is) I’m just really glad we got to see this side of them.

With the sexy side thrown in, of course.

I mean, Jimin is just full on owning it in this video.

I love nerdy V.

And who would want to stop him from loving himself? No, seriously… who? Because I will fight them…

I’m constantly shocked by how effortlessly flawless Jin can be when I know he’s actually a giant dork.

Especially with the others being absurd in the background. Consumate professional, that one.

(V is also a professional, but also V…)

(and of course the greek chorus changed…)

Happy, dorky, beautiful Jin. (With a side of J-Hope.)

*swallows tongue*

Fucking warn a girl…

Oh, I love J-Hope.

Glasses. Bugs Bunny sweater. My heart. He has it all…

And I love that they refernce their own absurd songs. Like “yeah, sometimes we do songs just for fun and you can’t stop us.”

Though, again, why would anyone want to?

Oh my god, Suga. In a glitter snow white sweater.

This video has been very light on the Jungkook and while I’m happy others are getting some spotlight I MISS HIM.

Is better, but not enough…

I see you trying to sneak in Jimin to confuse me. And it’s not gonna…

He has such a pretty neck…

The dance sequences are amazing, but I didn’t even bothering trying to capture most of it. I did get this one though because the background is vaguely absurd.


More fun time Jin et all…

I don’t really get it, but it reminds me of N’Sync.

Effortlessly sexy Jimin…

Jin should be illegal.

(I just really wanted to get like, any of the dancing before it was over and I’m running out of time…)


If Korea weaponized BTS the world would be under their control in a mater of days.

The suits are growing on me.

…hours. They’d take over the world in hours.


Released: August 24, 2018
Album: Love Yourself: Answer
Length: 3:51
Notes: mah babies have grown up.
Watched Status: Previously unwatched
Bias: Suga
Reason: He wore a sparkly Snow White sweater…
Favorite BTS video to date: IDOL

Join me next time when I review… *looks at scattered notes* Jimin’s muscle shirts? No, wait… *grabs another paper* crying emojis.

Uh… listen. I’ll be back eventually with some video broken down.

(Edit: Tempo by *gasp* EXO)

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