Fangirl Follow Along Special #5

Previously on Fangirl Follow Along we broke down the Tempo by EXO. Today (which should’ve been yesterday) we’re gonna do something special. Break down two RM videos…

Honestly, half of this post was written in May, the other half on Election Night in November. Shouldn’t be a mess at all.

P.D.D (Please Don’t Die)
RM Featuring Warren G

I’m always a little shocked by the subtle differences between Idol RM and Rapper RM.

I wonder which one he’s more like when he’s allowed to just be…

Again with the short pants. I don’t know why these throw me off as much as those hats used to. Put them on Jin, though, and I’ll probably be fine.

Good fucking god. RM in oversized sunglasses.

Good fucking god. RM’s awkward smile.

Good fucking god. RM’s lips.

You know, I really love these little one-on-one moments we get with the boys from time to time. While I ADORE each and every one of them, they allow me to appreciate each of them and give them the attention they deserve.

Like bonding with your child one-on-one.


Seriously? This fucking hat.

I don’t know why, but him rapping from lyrics off his phone is so fucking endearing…

I’m going to end up having a Pavlovian response to this hat.

Oh. That’s why it’s adorbs. I love the aesthetic of someone scrolling through their phone.

I feel like I should say swag here…

Rapper RM.

Bro hugs.

It’s easy to forget that RM has an IQ of, like, over 9000

So the images of him casually talking to Warren G without a translator (as he speaks fluent English) are so important.

So important.

Love it.

Pimp RM. And the video is done.

But wait, there’s more…

RM Featuring Mady Ventrice

It’s like a second RM mixtape… except there actually is a second RM mixtape and I swear I haven’t even started drinking yet. This is gonna get messy.

Big Hit logo. We’re already off to a solid start.

It’s going downhill fast though…

I’m not sure why Big Hit and RM thought it would be good to do the theme song for Fantastic Four. I mean, theoretically, they wanted to appeal to the US audience, but…

Fantastic Four movies are always terrible…

Oh good, clips from the movie…


I’m wondering if RM will be able to pull this one out.

I am sold on the finished product. Sign me up for fifty copies of Fantastic Four.

I am weak…

…and his game is so strong.

AH! When he says “Human Torch” it is the best thing ever.

(I’m fully ignoring the clips from the movie)

I’d really be okay if the entire video was just RM rapping with special effects over the top. In fact, all videos could be that forever and I’d probably be fine forever…

I mean, I’d have to find something else to break down and follow along, but…

I think I’m okay with that.

(Oh, I could talk about my love of Flynn Rider…)

RM touching lips. Rider canceled forever.

Straightening lapels. What even is Tangled?

Disney? Never heard of it…

Oh goddamn…

And on that note, we’re done here. I mean, it’s four minutes of footage from a shitty movie with RM looking slick and doing what he loves.

So that’s it. Join me next week when we break down the debut by BTS’s little brothers, Crown by TxT.

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