Fangirl Follow Along: Crown by TXT

All right my little Kpop darlings. It’s Thursday night, Phin is at DND, Overwatch League for some reason doesn’t start for another two hours, and I just spiked my Dunkins’ Iced Tea (large, raspberry, 2 liquid sugar, and lemon with about 1/4 chugged to leave room for the) with Blueberry Pinnacle Vodka so…

That reminds me, I still owe you that list of older male characters that probably have STIs but my younger self would have boned anyway.

Which is obviously a joke.

I mean Phin would erupt if I made that list…

Previously on Fangirl Follow Along I broke down a bunch of BTS videos, missed a bunch of weeks, broke down an EXO video, and just… basically broke down.

(And covered two more RM videos.)

But I’m back (hopefully) for good now and just in time because BigHit just released the debut MV for their brand new group of baby idols! Which I know you know because Jungkook posted support and called himself hyung and the internet lost its mind.

Our baby. Our baby is the hyung.

I’m so proud of him.

So let’s meet TXT, shall we? (click here to learn more about the band. Including which members are jailbait. BEFORE you pick a bias and say pervy things on the internet. Remember, and ounce of prevention something something not a pedophile.)

You know, I didn’t consider that BTS having a younger brother meant they’d have to share their opening logo. Will this be enough to break my pavlovian response to the sounds associated? Only time will tell.

Here it is, our first shot of TXT. And I promise I’ll only do this one time, but take a look at how light it looks. See how pure and sweet these angels look? Notice one (Beomgyu) is in a fucking sailor suit? Look at that clean cut pure as pie wholesome pop image.

And then remember the first shot we had of BTS.

Thug life Jimin, RM in those glasses, and Suga looking like Quirrel in the first Harry Potter movie.

I am so glad we left that image behind us and oh how times have changed.

Now, let’s get back to TXT.

Holy hell… I forgot how much of a pain in the ass it was to get screencaps. Also! I love the use of editing here to throw wings on Yeonjun especially when seconds later we get…


Which are, I assume, supposed to be devil horns since I just watched this through once with subtitles on. But really they just remind me of…


(I am 300% Blizzard trash and don’t even care at this point.)

OH NO! The horns are contagious.

I live for smiling people in general, but Kpop stars specifically. I am so weak for them it is not even funny. Show me a smiling Kpop star and


Giggling Ginny.

He’s a wizard, Harry.

Is it just me, or is this straight up Twilight? I mean, think back to Jasper in like… the one with the newborns. Same flawless skin, same bronze hair… obviously this is what they were going fo

(and then two more MAGIC! screenshots, because I’m weak.)

I will tell you, again, that my ska loving heart loves the aesthetics. This is some straight up Madness level checkerboards.

But wait. The aesthetics get BETTER.

Look at the yellow and black versus the black and yellow. I love everything about this sequence. (Except any headaches it may cause when it starts switching rapidly.)

*GASP* horns!

I should also point out that he (Beomgyu) is, for one more week, seventeen (by American calculations). And while I don’t want to reinforce how much of a Twihard I was (am) I can’t help but… buy Twilight because I couldn’t find the screencap I wanted.

Okay, let’s focus on the videos.

I feel like whoever is in charge of BigHit MV aesthetic really gets me. Like, deep down.

Because I adore every second of this video. Including when it goes from this very stylized bright colors and contrasts video to the “closer and more intimate look at the band” we’re about to get.

Intentionally making the images more seem less perfect to make the subjects feel more accessible is an easy trick that I will fall for nine times out of ten.

Even though I do love me some high contrast images.

Their maknae is a chesire cat, pass it on.

No. It’s worse than I imagine. It’s a cheshire kumiho… Just short two tales. Okay, listen, this doesn’t hold up, but just let me have it anyway.

And an interlude of more hi-fi/lo-fi images to get you familiar with the band and show off their flawless skin and disarming smiles.

(What is their skincare routine, anyway?)

OH! are we gonna get a dance sequence?

NO! We get it. The boys are adorable. Give me some dancing and special effects so I have something to break down.

Now that’s more like it. Something that feels like it jumped straight out of EXO’s Tempo.

Huening Kai looks as bored as I’m starting to feel… Which is bizarre, because I didn’t realize how long this song was until I looked up the translation and started breaking it down.

And now we’re getting somewhere. (To choreography and special effects.)

(Things are gonna move fast now, buckle up.)

The image of the archer will always thrill me and I have never analyzed why. Maybe tonight when I can’t sleep…

And stars. I’m basic, back off.


So, full disclosure, I grabbed the rest of the caps and then went to put them all in this post. At first I couldn’t remember why I got this one until it dawned on me…

The walls were closing in there. I had to make my Star Wars allusion or I’d lose my nerd cred.

Wing silhouettes (I’m still basic.)

The editing isn’t even that good here, but I still love this visual.

And this visual is probably my favorite in the entire video.


And teenagers being goofy together. So pure. SO PURE.

I am really digging the vibe of them all together, in case you didn’t pick up on that.

FINALLY! the fabled crowns.

And then, after nearly four minutes

(and a heart)

The wind-up boys wind down and we get one last sight of horns before we fade to suggested videos.

Crown by TXT
Released: November 4, 2019
Album: The Dream Chapter: Star
Length: 3:59
Notes: They’re just babies
Watched Status: Previously watched (I had to learn their names.)
Bias: this unicorn rabbit.

Reason: It’s a unicorn rabbit. There is no more explanation necessary.
Favorite TXT video to date: This is literally the only TXT video. So it’s the winner by default.

To be fair, even though it is the only video up so far I’ve got to go ahead and quote the song.

So that’s it. Join me next week when we break down who the fuck knows what since I haven’t put together a schedule yet..

(EDIT: The first video on the Follow Along by a female artist. Hallelujah by Shin Jimin)

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