Fangirl Follow Along: Hallelujah by Shin Jimin

I write these posts up on Thursdays because Phin is out and Overwatch League is on and by this point of the week… well, I usually need a drink.

And then this week rolls around and his game is canceled (but he was called into work, Overwatch isn’t on, and I was sick earlier in the week and don’t want to drink ever again.

So why not mix things up completely and break down a video by a female idol?

Previously on Fangirl Follow Along I broke down Crown by TXT and today we’re breaking down Hallelujah by Shin Jimin (of AOA)

Yes. Yes, I am.

I was wrong. I am not ready.

I love when they do this “we’re doing this low-budget and on our own” thing. I mean, I don’t believe it for a second, but I appreciate the effort they put into it.

See, I told you I was not ready. I am not gonna survive this.

She’s just so impossibly cute. And talented. And fashionable. And I’m torn between wanting to be her, wanting to be her best friend, and just wanting to cry over her, like, existing.

Oh. the song is about to start. Just now. And I’m already crying over her existing.

I’m fucked.

Here Jimin has this, like, unsure moment. The jaded, bitter part of me that had a long ass week wants to be like “obviously, this all is stagged” but you know what? I don’t even care. It could be fake. It could be stagged. It could be outright manipulation. I do not even care. Because I am actually smiling right now.

Which should not be possible since I was crying at work earlier.

I’m this super confident and sexy Jimin, right now.

I need a necklace like this.

Right, so, full disclosure: I have a crush on Jimin and I’m going to be taking occasional screencaps where she just looks cute or I feel attacked. Sue me.



Possibly an acid trip and I can’t figure out what that shirt says despite having watched the video fourteen times.

I need boots like this. Despite never shaving my legs or wearing shorts…

I want my…

Oh my god. That’s it. That is why I love this video so much. It reminds me of an early MTV era video.

Just, featuring Jimin.

I need a pair of these earrings. Even though I cannot wear earrings.

(Also, I love that grey hair.)

I would cut off my left arm to make a pouting Jimin (Shin or Park) smile. It’s a real and serious problem I have.

Disinterested Jimin. (Cute. Attacked.)

I don’t even understand how to put those boots on. Or how to walk in heels. I just neeeeeed them.

So attacked.

At this point, I believe it is a personal attack.

Ruffles. (Ginny’s note: I feel like there was supposed to be more here originally, but I just wrote “ruffles” and to be honest I’m distracted by how awesome that blue is on her.)

Okay, no. I’d cut off my left arm to keep a smiling Jimin (Shin or Park) smiling.

I really do love this effect.

And the vaguely resembling a horror movie crawling on the ceiling effect.

I just love this video.

And Jimin. All Jimins. Everywhere.

This effect, tho. It also makes me think of the opening to James Bond.

This, however, reminds me of a cat investigating a camera.

One more happy Jimin.

One more special effect.

And finally, my opinion of the video.

(And that corset outfit has a hood. I need it. Despite not ever wearing corsets.) And that’s it. Our first female Kpop idol fangirl follow along.

Hallelujah by Jimin
Released: October 25, 2017
Album: Non-album single.
Length: 3:18
Notes: I really don’t have any… I’ve let you down.
Watched Status: Previously watched. Like, a lot.
Bias: I feel like this is moot here. It’s Jimin. Jimin now. Jimin forever.
Reason: Well, she’s the only one here. And also… OH MY GOD I LOVE JIMIN.
Favorite Jimin video to date: I need to update these categories…

Which I will do… right after I come up with a schedule so I can invite you to join me next time when we review *cough cough mumble mumble* oh will you look at the time I think I left my oven in my other pants.

(I broke down Butterfly by BTS)

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