Fangirl Follow Along: SSFW by Chanyeol

Previously on Fangirl Follow Along I was on time for my post and we broke down Love Shot by EXO

It is currently Saturday morning and this post should already be up but I’m just now starting it. It’s been one hell of a week.

But that’s okay, because on Thursday morning when I googled “Chanyeol ssfw” it asked if I meant “Chanyeol NSFW” and I got to tell Google to chill because it’s thirst was showing.

And that has made all the difference.

I want a pink subway. When the subway comes to NH it should be pink.

And I adore that this is just their logo, btw. It’s a whole lot of mid-90s and I’m here for it.

But there’s also a video to watch, so let’s move on.

So we open on a hot car…

…a pair of arms with the sleeves rolled up…

…and idyllic setting…

…and finally, all of those things combined and I know I am fucked. Fuuuuuuucked.

But wait! There’s more.

See, I forgot Chanyeol can sing.

I am fucking doomed and it’s too early to drink.

Stop for a minute and appreciate this color palette.

I mean, same, Chanyeol. The vibrant greens, blues, and yellows just scream “spring,” almost aggressively so. Add in a lone man in neutral tones with the blues and yellows reflected in his hair and pants and it makes him stand out while still tying him in.

I need to study art critique if I’m going to keep doing this…

God, look at the yellow on his right arm. Look at it highlighting his left arm and peaking between his arm and his torso. It’s jut brilliant lighting.

Okay, moving on.

The colors reflecting on the dirty windows as look through at Chanyeol looking back are something, but tbh I’m focused on how he looks like such a little kid.

He’s just fucking adorable.

And, of course, he’s looking at a woman.

I’d love it if we could stop the narrative that staring through windows at women is romantic…

We experience the passage of time via changing uniforms.

So I know what they’re doing here by having Chanyeol spend the bulk of the video leaning against a car. Slightly unbuttoned shirt, toned arms, sleeves rolled up, looking wistful…

This is a trap.

I know this is a trap.

And I am still falling for it.

Another outfit change, more time has passed…

And for the first time we see that video Chanyeol owns more than one shirt!

(And he’s set against a deep blue background sporting eyeliner making him pop. Just full on pop.)

…low blow, music video…

I am so weak for lighting, this MV is my kryptonite. Look at it there, on his hair, his face, in the background… I need an adult.

Posted without comment.

I forgot what I was going to say here because I was distracted by her shoes. I want a pair…

Me to her: I know, right?

She almost blends in because of the color of the shirt, but they use the lighting to make her stand out against the sky. With the light on her shoulders and on her hair, she ends up creating depth.

Plus the pink lipstick draws the eye.

You. Are. Killing. Me.

What did I do to deserve this? It was either something really good or something really bad…


Really great lighting.

Like, genius level.

I’m in awe of this shot.

This whole sequence, really.

It is just… really pretty.

I’m trying hard not to swoon over the flowers and it is not working…

Oh god, she has a bouquet full of the blossoms he’d left her previously…

Help. Me.

The rest of the video is just Chanyeol looking aesthetically pleasing against various backdrops.

Like this one, which is not my favorite, but I should include at least one. in here…

And another great shot of the female lead. And based on how these are cut I don’t think she and Chanyeol were ever in the same place at the same time. Which seems like a rip off to me.

She’ll get jealous hate for being in the video with him and didn’t get to actually be in a video with him.


Two more great shots…


(and two)

And we’re done.

Chanyeol’s solo song is over.

I am bereft once more…

Chanyeol by SSFW
Released: April 25, 2019
Album: (alas, it’s just a single…)
Length: 3:57
Notes: not nsfw…
Watched Status: Watched. A couple of times. Because I am weak.
Bias: Chanyeol
Reason: It’s always Chanyeol.
Favorite Chanyeol video to date: Monster (IT COUNTS). Okay, it doesn’t… so obviously this one.

Join me next week time when I break down Cat & Dog by TxT. Or Boy With Luv (ARMY edition.) Or Monster by EXO.

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