Fangirl Follow Along: Cat & Dog by TxT

So here’s the thing… I haven’t decided what video to post next. Meaning I have no idea what I “previously broke down” on Fangirl Follow Along.

I mean, I do know. It was Chanyeol’s SSFW… but by the time I post this, it might not be.

I could go back and change it… but we all know I won’t remember to do that…

But no matter, it’s Sunday morning, I’ve got a large Pepsi, and we’ve got OH I SHOULD DO RAVI’S PEPSI COLLABORATION!

…I mean, we’ve got the newest video from the most smooshy little baby kpop group EVER.

Okay, so full disclosure… When I first started supporting TxT it was because they were managed by BigHit, I’m not gonna lie to you.

Now, though, now the happiness in their music is infectious and just makes me smile.

Especially when they’re playing at being pets.

Running to the door after their owners leave (there’s even clicking nails sound effects…)

Okay, this one makes me a bit sad, actually… Look at the wee little babies all alone.

I have several very serious questions about this outfit. I’m going to skip over the obvious questions about the fanny pack and hat, though, and go “WHERE ARE THE REST OF HIS PANTS?”

But I’m going to table that question to let you know that the choreography for this song is actually amazing. It’s physical, it’s fun, and it incorporates these moments of pantomiming pets. Moments like this where the member in front (Huening Kai, here) is the pet with the member behind him holding up ears and the three remaining members acting as the tail. Which of course I did not capture since the video is flashy and likes to cut around from scene to scene.

I grabbed it from the dance practice video, though…

So I love TxT for being unapologetically happy, bright, bold and bubblegum pop in their videos, but there are times where I feel it does a disservice to the choreography they work so hard on. It distracts from the physicality and skill of their movements.

In fact, I ended up liking the dance version of Crown more than the MV version originally released.

I guess I just want it all. A balance between the bold and playful sets while still highlighting the hard work and technical ability

Oh, and maybe a couple fewer solo close up posing shots since only two of the members were born in the same millennium as I was…

And I’m starting to feel like a creep.

I mean, even Yeonjun, the oldest, looks like a baby.

Though that might be this rich boy baby uniform he has on…

Right here they’re shuffling and let me tell you… in the practice video it’s so loud. I don’t know what that entertains me as much as it does.


I really do not need baby thirst traps, thanks so much.

That’s better. Here you can see Boemgyu (back right) actually doing the hand motions that go along with saying “rawr” which has never been sexy even once.

Also, a terrible image of Soobin.

I don’t know why I complain about wanting more dance scenes when I can never capture screenshots of them…

This one is a bit better. Well, for Soobin. Everyone else is blurry and I’m pretty sure Yeonjun is actually laughing at me…

Sad boy pets… making me feel like I’m neglecting my own cat and dog.

I am terrible at capturing these.

Oh look, I got Beomgyu, the walking BARELY 18 (international age) Thirst Trap in focus.

Because of course, I did.

I am going to the special hell.

The special hell.

(And does his turtle neck say “Silence is better than words?” Why? Like, what even?)

Mother fucker…

I just give up. I’m done here. It’s over. The breakdown is done. (My breakdown is just beginning.) Pack it up, there’s…


Look at that fucking window. I adore everything about the lighting coming from it and the glow that the camera is picking up from it.

Friends. I stopped writing there because I got tired or distracted or who the fuck knows what. It was nearly two weeks ago.

I skipped last week’s Fangirl Follow Along because I was tired or distracted or who the fuck knows (our drains were clogged and we had no toilet…)

And here I am at ass O’Clock on a Thursday night after working eleventy billion hours looking at this screencap, which is where the video has been paused on my computer since April 28th.

I have no idea how it has remained open this long without a single member of my household closing the window or resetting something.

And a special bonus! They all look absurd.

Okay, back to the breakdown.

I just looked to my cat to see if she knew how I’d disappointed TxT…

She turned her back on me, so I know it was something bad…

Not prepared for the play of the light through these plastic shapes onto Taehyun’s face.

The lighting…

So did you know that originally Suga was my least favorite member of BTS? I mention this because I might have a Suga Situation with Yeonjun.

I know, Huening Kai, I’m disappointed in myself too.

Wait, stop everything.

Somewhere Big Hit has a surplus of beanbag chairs…

Or maybe there’s a company that just rents out absurd props for MVs. If not, does anyone want to start it with me?

I say “Yeonjun might be my bias after all” and Beomgyu is all “challenge accepted.”

And then Soobin, out of nowhere…

Just kill me now.

(All members are closer in age to my daughter than to me. Seriously, kill me now.)

I know we don’t get a Bedknobs and Broomsticks moment here because I’ve watched the video before…

And yet every time I’m like “fingers crossed, this is the time we get one…”

We even get this glimpse of bold colors and maybe, just maybe it’ll break into cartoons.


And every single time I get a fanny pack and snap-back with cat ears.




Who the hell gave them lollipops?

Is it the same person peddling fanny packs to unsuspecting boybands?

That person is a monster and they need to be stopped.

I have… so many questions. When did 90s raves hit Korea? Why avocados? Can I just not mention this whole segment in the interest of time because I still haven’t seen the English language video and I’m curious…

Well, there is one question answered. I cannot skip it because I just slapped my space bar and went “what the actual fuck?”

(The cat got up, walked across my husband’s keyboard, sat on the PS4, and then realized I wasn’t excited about food and fucked off…)

Mermaid pants.

Yeonjun has mermaid pants.

I don’t remember what I was going for here. In part, because I really want those pants, and also because look at Beomgyu’s profile in the bottom left.

And… bias.

Me, looking at this screencap: Oh, thank goodness. I was able to get an image with the epic lighting where they all have a semi-normal–
Me, after looking all the way to the right and seeing Soobin’s face: *SNORT* *CHOKE*

I just want one nice picture of you as a family in front of the window, boys…

So I’m left to assume those black shapes in the water are sharks. Because my anxiety is fierce.

I really dig the grey hair.

Yeah, well you know grey is my favorite color. I felt so symbolic yesterday…

More choreo.

Which I can never capture…

(But is really good, remind me to link the dance practice video below…)

And then stop everything.

Is that Min Holly?

(No confirmation from BigHit that I’m aware of…)


Oh, the baby meowed.

I am crying a little bit.

It wasn’t that big of a glass of wine…

I really love this choreo.

Shut the front door. Corgis are one of my favorite dogs ever forever.

I wonder if I can buy one on wish…

Wait. Is that Soonshim?

Is TxT really a band, or just a pet sitting co-op for BTS?

I love the green and grey aesthetic here. Look. Look at the kitty. See the way her fur picks up the green from the shirt and the room? See the way it brings out her eyes?

It’s the best.

It wouldn’t be a kpop video if I didn’t pause it at some point to go “what even?”

…you win this round, absurd structure. But only because they’re happy.

For some reason, there’s my cellular company’s logo…

(We’re winding down so my sentences get clipped. I don’t know…)

This (frankly awesome) dog shadow incident.

One last look at the great choreo.

Me being jealous that Korean masculinity is different than American masculinity.

And a wave comes in and leaves paw prints and we’re done.

That’s it.

Don’t watch the English version as it’s an unholy nightmare of lyrics that are not nearly as good…

Cat & Dog by TxT
Released: April 24, 2019
Album: The Dream Chapter: Star
Length: 3:40
Watched Status: Watched.
Bias: Min Holly
Reason: I am weak vs Mins
Favorite TxT video to date: The dance practice version of this one.

Join me next week time when I break down Boy With Luv (ARMY edition.)

BECAUSE I’LL BE AT BTS *screams forever*

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