Fangirl Follow Along: Boy With Luv (ARMY With Luv version) by BTS


I am feeling a lot of emotions right now.

Let’s just… let’s get to the breakdown.

This is an incredibly fair statement. I’m not sure if I’d have made it through these last six weeks without (my family, Melania, and) BTS.

There were days when friends would tell me “remember, you’re seeing BTS” to make sure I didn’t…

…Well let’s just say that I owe BTS a lot.

And look at them! They just keep giving.



Stop everything.




And stan Jimin. He’s on fire in Boy With Luv.





Jimin is a gift we do not deserve.

This video is almost the same as one I broke down like twenty minutes ago… but I’m still going to pause here. I want to shout about V’s tongue, but I can’t because he’s clearly feeling this. He’s clearly so in tune with this song and just… proud?

And he should be. Someone wrote that this tour was a victory lap around the world and that… that is what this video is. Just BTS enjoying themselves.



Is Suga my mom at a Mary Kay convention?

Oh, this is why I never noticed the broment between Suga and J-Hope. Because it’s behind Worldwide Handsome.

I’m okay with that.

(But watch a live version to see what I’m talking about.)

You know, Jimin and Suga were originally my lowest ranked members. Now… Now I have no idea what I was thinking.

Is… Is he doing the Charleston?

Jin used to get shit for his fingers. To see them featured here…

…Victory Lap.

Still queer.

Super queer.

This choreography is just so much fun. Even if members just keep sticking their tongues out.

I love them so much. They make me happy just by existing.

Halsey is living every ARMY’s dream, and I could not be happier she’s the one representing all of us.

Jungkook is such a baby.

And Jimin looks very concerned.

Probably because of RM’s dancing?

(Oh my god, I love our leader.)


Seriously, my crush on Halsey is almost as strong as my love for BTS.

And this. This is the level of playfulness from HYYH. But V didn’t have to kill anyone.

He’s… skipping…

My actual baby.

All the heart eye emojis.

I am a little bitter here. I miss the piano scene.

Does anyone else remember the movie version of Tank Girl? Hear me out… when the Rippers pray.


Okay, fine. But only because of the arm motion of Suga, J-Hope, Jin, and Jimin…

Plus you still gave me some piano.

I adore everything about this section. J-Hope and JK in the front with the rest of BTS waving their fingers about in the back. It’s just.

This is my favorite video of theirs. Always. Forever.

*wistful sigh*


I have to drive five hours tomorrow.

And I’m tired.

So I won’t get into why I love the painting in the background, just know that I do. The purple, pink, orange swirls are just a masterpiece for a background and turn this from a green screen into a work of art.

The light coming on over V’s head.

I really want a V-RM duo on an upcoming album. We got Jin, JK, and J-Hope. Give us V and RM, you cowards…

So playful and happy.

I pointed it out last time, but the background and the stage harken to classic musical films and I am here for it.

And J-Hope.

I am just stunned every time by Halsey’s makeup.

I promise I will eventually stop needing to screenshot her every time she comes on.

Maybe after this handshake?

Or… not.

RM. I guess I’m just at the point where I whimper the name of whoever is in focus.

Love V and Jin looking shocked here. While Suga and J-Hope are like “we can do that…”

I love this look on Jimin.

Are they missing their cue or sneezing? Who knows?!?

By the time this video is posted, it’ll be less than 12 hours until I see them.

Not Halsey. She’s left on my bucket list.

But still…


My Boys. Who I give all my luv.

Boy With Luv (ARMY With Luv version) by BTS
Released: April 26, 2019
Album: Map of the Soul: Persona
Length: 4:03
Watched Status: Unwatched
Bias: Jimin.
Reason: He is just so happy.
Favorite BTS video to date: Without a doubt this one. Or the one where V is laughing.

Join me next week time when I break down…something? Maybe a Vixx song.

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