Fangirl Follow Along: Wonderland by Ateez

Previously on Fangirl Follow Along I broke down Map of The Soul: 7 ‘Interlude: Shadow’ Comeback Trailer by BTS. Today… well today I was still planning on breaking down Lion. It’s still an astounding video. But it’s Saturday because I was in no condition to work on a breakdown Thursday and today I don’t have the time devout to Lion and all the symbolism it contains.

So instead I’m going to break down Wonderland by Ateez because in the last month I’ve become a total Ateez stan.

Let me show you why.

I hate the way they have the text in white over this background. I want it in red, or blue. Something. Anything to make it more visible.

See how much better that looks?

Alright, the white does work. But only at this angle once the lights start flashing. And it does emphasize Hongjoong’s Peter Pan, king of the lost fuck boys aesthetic.

Tell me I’m wrong. Look at him in those slightly too big leather pants, the fur coat, with the blue hair and the stupid thing in his eyebrow as he bites his lip and Tell. Me. I’m. Wrong.

They’re leaning into the Peter Pan imagery hard in this one, but I’m okay with it. Because this shot is magical. Especially since you can’t tell that he still has that horrid mullet I loathe and that it’s just braided down either side of his neck.

Just the worst. I can barely appreciate his bejeweled eyebrow X with that braid sitting there. Taunting me.

I really dislike mullets and nothing can change my mind. There’s a story about someone with a rattail picking on me or a crush on a rattail or a rattail killing my mother and marrying my father, but I’m not going to get into my tragic backstory. Just know that I am not here for mullets and rattails.

It’s a blessing that this shot is blurry because when Ateez goes, they go so hard that being in focus would melt my brain.

I mean, look at how high San (black hair front left) and Yunho (behind him slightly to the right) get when they jump. Look at how tall a mother fucker Mingi is (red hair, far back, just to Hungjoong’s right). He doesn’t even have to jump, just lift one leg.

Well, it’s actually because he was injured and wasn’t able to dance for the live performance of this… but I feel bad thinking about any of mah babies being injured, so I’m going to pretend it’s because he’s fucktall.

You know, when I discovered that the leader of the group was also the center I was conflicted. Like, did he make himself the center because his ego is just so large? But it’s not. It’s not. He’s very sweet and humble in interviews. So I was very confused. Until I see shit like this and go “ah, yeah. It’s because he’s commanding as fuck.”


And, like, I know all kpop bands are technically competing against each other for market share and what have you, but I want to see what Hongjoong, RM, and Suga can come up with together.

I mean, the visuals in the video from that collab will kill me, but whatever. It’ll be worth it. I mean, this shot is so good it was a solid minute before I realized they backlit his fucking rattail and you could see the blue hair that was loose around his shoulder in pristine detail and…

If I end up liking rattails because of this I will be very upset.

me, rn.

Me being judged, rn.

The goddamned lighting on this video. I’m like two seconds in and it’s already broken my brain.

This elevator is over the hotness limit. I’m going to have to fine them.

The visuals on this band.

Like, they just slay me.

Like, I’m at a loss on how to describe this whole video other than just absolutely fucking stunning visuals with incredibly intense bouts of choreography interspersed.

And, like, how is that and thing?

And why does it work?

Because it really, really fucking works.

Holy. Fucking. Shit. San.

Just give whoever is responsible for the concept of this video a medal. I’ll even forgive the fucking rattail. But only because it’s blue.

San reminds me of the villains in Advent Children. And this scene is exactly why. Just. Fucking. Slay. Me.

They go so hard, like they have something to prove. Like they have wolves nipping at their heels. Like a young BTS, actually, and I stan that. I stan that so hard.

I do not appreciate how deceptive this shot is since their youngest is also their most intense.

Flag robots. Because of course.

Dances with flag robots. Just to warn you, I will not be able to capture choreo without it being blurry, because they’re chaotic as fuck. Right here, they’re bouncing.

Oh Jesus God please kill me.

This is by far my favorite of Yunho’s looks.


They go so hard. I’m constantly in awe of them.

It’s tripping all my Labyrinth switches.

Wait, I’m not ready for Yeosang.

It’s a low point in my life when Seonghwa in the elevator from Dope is somehow the “safe” option. And then only because his face is partially obscured.

Goddamn, this choreo.

Goddamn, this lighting.

God-fucking-damn… Yeosang.

Oh thank god, the marching band will save me. I thought. I HONESTLY THOUGHT THEY WERE NOT HARBINGERS OF DOOM.

But no, they just brought Mingi. Who went so hard he hurt himself.

You know, when I said I wanted Hungjoong to collab with RM and Suga? I should’ve said Hungjoong and Mingi.

Like, I basically stan rap lines.

The BTS and Ateez rap lines are two of the best in the business.

Oh sweet Jesus, help me.

They’re all just too pretty to live.

Like full time.

Actual nightmares.

Who care nothing about my sanity.

And are just out there being gorgeous.

And talented.

And charismatic.

All while going hard as fuck.

(and being sweet and loveable, but there were no images for that. Have intense Jongho instead.)

This song gets me so pumped up. And this moment is actually like, the epitome of that. There’s the marching band music, the band dancing, and the fire to signify the intensity of the beat that a screencap just cannot capture.

I literally have no idea what this is. I didn’t watch the videos in order so I don’t know if this means anything or if they’re just trying to shoehorn in a meaning at this late juncture, but…

Mingi really is the star of this video. I have no idea the panic they must’ve felt when he was injured and couldn’t perform.

Yunho is like a sleeper agent. A sexy sleeper agent.

This bit of the performance. You’ve just got to watch it. They are giving 110% and it’s hard to keep up with everything that’s going on. But here you have Woo and Mingi lunging for each other.

And San dropping then springing back up as if he doesn’t have the same body everyone else does. Fewer bones. More muscles. It’s just inhuman.

No one has provided evidence that Seonghwa isn’t actually a prince. And even if they had, I’d refuse to believe it.

There’s a behind the scenes where Yeosang is saying he’s Tinkerbelle and that Yunho is the prince. Until Seonghwa shows up. And once that happens Seonghwa says Yunho is the white horse. And a- unfair Hwa. B-

…no, I won’t cheapen this by making the obvious joke. But know I wanted to.

He doesn’t look real. If this wasn’t my own screenshot, I would think it was a painting. He’s just. They’re just. They fucking stress me out.

They cause me actual pain.

And I do not appreciate it, but I also never want them to stop.

Put this flag over my casket, RIP me.

Wonderland by Ateez
Released: October 8, 2019
Album: TREASURE EP.FIN: All To Action
Length: 3:24
Notes: I don’t think I’ve ever Stan’ed so fast, so hard.
Watched Status: Watched.
Bias: Yunho, actually.
Reason: It’s that sweater.
Favorite Ateez video to date: Wonderland. This is actually my favorite song of theirs. (But non-song videos, check out their try not to sing AND their drop the dance. Come Stan with me.)

Join me next week when I probably still don’t break down Lion using some other flimsy excuse.

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