Fangirl Follow Along: MAP OF THE SOUL : 7 ‘Outro : Ego’ Comeback Trailer by BTS

Previously on Fangirl Follow Along I broke down Wonderland by Ateez. Who I will see live in April. Today I am breaking down the HOLY SHIT, OH MY GOD, NEW BTS video that dropped yesterday. And, if all goes well later this week, I’ll be seeing them in May.

Pray for me.

Anyway, here we go.

Just so you know, I take a new screenshot for every one of these. And I get pumped the second the logo comes up. And I think it’s really summed up by that moment in the Black Swan reaction video where…

Actually, lemme grab that screenshot.

Like, hard same Jimin. Hard. Same.

Also, Suga looks so done. I suspect it’s with J-Hope’s bucket hats.

Another hard same.

(Not really, I would happily look at him in bucket hats all day.)

Okay, back to Ego.

Wait. Wait a second. This is the opening to another song.

(Intro: 2 cool 4 skool)

So the opening trailer had the cover for O! R U L8, 2? and this one has the intro to their intro for 2 cool for skool. Is this an album full of fanservice and easter eggs? Because I am here for it.

Begin. The name of JK’s first solo song. Or just the beginning as a band. Or a double meaning. Who knows? Let me get through the rest of the post and I’ll forget to revisit this.

The name on the record is “No More Dream” which, as you recall, is their debut single. And I broke it down like three hundred separate times. I think at this point I have every second of every video memorized.

Full disclosure, I have started to cry a bit. One of my co-workers once said that I was like those girls who chased the train that The Beatles were taking and I scoffed. I see now he was correct.

And I don’t care.

Fangirl for life.

Here we have another Big Hit logo with the words “Big Hit exclusive” in the audio. This is how No More Dream opened.

Then shit starts to cut fast. So if I miss anything forgive me.

Boy With Luv.


Fake Love.

I still wonder about those candy bars, FYI.


Are we gonna get clips from all their videos?

I mean, Mic Drop is missing already, but…

Not Today. (No, no, no, not today.)

Spring Day.

Blood, Sweat, and Tears.

This is where I went back to see if there was a Mic Drop moment. Still did not find one.

Boy Meets Evil.

And I’ve seen the first few seconds of the actual video, so I know it’s a J-Hope solo. I tried to watch it earlier and my daughter freaked out because we were supposed to be watching Princess and the Frog (which I did not agree to, but she took over the TV.)

Not really the point at the moment. My point is that Mic Drop has some solid J-Hope moments. So why isn’t it included?

Save Me. Great video, btw, and watch the filming off behind the scenes.


EPILOGUE: Young Forever.

Why no Mic Drop?

Run. Which damaged me as a person. But no Mic Drop.

Mic Drop was the first comeback I was a fan for… I have strong feelings about it that I did not anticipate.


I Need U. (Also damaging to a psyche)

War of Hormone.


Boy In Luv.


And finally…

No More Dream.

The beginning.

Which brings us to:


Goddamn, his profile…

He’s just… a very pretty man, okay?

And always so happy. (He’s our hope, we’re his hope… he’s J-Hope.)

I was not prepared for a J-Hope solo shot today. Why would they do this to me?

Anyway, we have the Hope sign, the EGO sign, and the My Way sign, which just gets “I did it my way” stuck in my head…

I thought his ring was a ring pop at first, and would not have questioned that.

This was originally to show off his (horrible) pants, but when I went back to type up the captions for my screenshots and realized how many I had…

This is just going to be a lot of me going uwu.

uwu, his cheekbones.

uwu, whatever this saying is in his shadow.

uwu, Gulliver’s Travels moment.

Okay, I’m done…

uwu, my actual baby in this actual hospital bed.

(I have no regrets)

This strongly reminds me of when he flops back onto his bed in the Daydream video.

Oh, sweet Jesus, his eyes.

I love how the monitor shows “how much love.”

And then how much joy. I love the detail that Big Hit puts into the videos, especially since the average viewer won’t notice while watching these. All these Easter Eggs and fan moments that you get to notice as you rewatch over and over.

I love it.

I could do without this, though.

I’m gonna need a defibrillator in a second…

Fun fact, if you’re driving a car in an MV and you’re not wearing a seatbelt, Korean television cannot show it. Because it’s unsafe.

I love this car, and that’s my takeaway from this shot because I do not know what all the letters are for and about. I’ll fully admit it. I see the 7 sign and the EGO, but beyond that I’m not sure.

Now we have a sequence of J-Hope dancing.

And, like, I know he can go hard…

But sometimes I appreciate it when he’s just bopping and having fun. You know?

3 J-Hopes. That’s like a dream come true.

Like, how is one person so… happy and lovely and fun?

He even had those cheekbones as a child? How is that fair?

hashtag precious.

Like, it’s just cruel. Why do this to me?

Also, look at how adult J-Hope has the golden crown thanks to the camera angle. Paired with the ruffle collar, the color palette, and his praying hands and it invokes this saintly renaissance feel.

Like, seriously… walk around the Renaissance room of your local art gallery (which I highly recommend. You can usually get passes at your local libraries) and it will be full of this imagery.

Oof. This line.

And this line!

I feel this, deeply. Not about dancing, obviously, but just… life. In general. And that’s why I grabbed this shot. Not his lips.

(Okay, it was also his lips.)




These amuse me more than they had any right to.

J-Hope with a parasol right after he had on a velvet and ruffle outfit. I’m sure this won’t lead to strange Victorian era dreams.

Eeeeeee! Hopes Records. Look. Lool at the covers of their albums, and Hope World which I still can’t buy a physical copy of. NOT THAT I’M BITTER ABOUT IT.

(I am so bitter about it.)

Look, all the way in the lower right corner. ARMY.

Wait. Where did the umbrella go?

(He threw it. I just forgot because I was making dinner.)

Oh ffs.

He should come with a warning label.

I said what I said, Jung Hoseok.

Because he goes from dead sexy to disarmingly precious.

In, like, no time at all.

(pause the rant for a second, because I love this bracelet.)

And right back to serious, focused, and sexy.

It’s… It’s not right. It’s not fair to other idols.

It’s not fair to me, and my thirst or my sanity.

But thankfully we cut back to distracting neon signs. (Hope, J-Hope, What’s my Ego, EGO)

And J-Hope smiling in a smiley face shirt (so meta.)

And then one last assault on my person… that they buffer with “My Way” and “Trust Myself” and “ARMY” as if I’ll excuse them for this whole video…

And, I mean, obviously, I will. I’ll forgive them for anything. That’s my ego.

MAP OF THE SOUL : 7 ‘Outro : Ego’ Comeback Trailer by BTS
Released: 02-02-2020 (palindrome day)
Album: Map of the Soul: 7
Length: 3:23
Notes: pray for me to get BTS tickets
Watched Status: Unwatched. Because my daughter wouldn’t let me earlier…
Bias: He’s our hope, we’re his hope…
Reason: He’s J-Hope
Favorite BTS video to date: I’m still upset Mic Drop wasn’t in the rewind, so possibly that.

Join me next week when I probably still don’t break down Lion using some other flimsy excuse.

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