Fangirl Follow Along: Fire by BTS

Previously on Fangirl Follow Along I broke down Wonderland by Ateez. Who I will see live in April. And then EGO, by BTS who I will be seeing in May.

Excuse me for a second. I just… I need to freak out because this year is gonna be epic.

And now, for the first time in forever, OVERWATCH IS ON and it is on Fire.

Which is supposed to be cute because we’re reviewing Fire. Which I hadn’t said earlier, so it probably didn’t hit the mark…

Oh well, let’s just… roll video.

The BigHit video normally fills me with joy, but right now I’m just concerned. See, normal three-minute videos take me two hours to break down. This one is five minutes. I’m gonna die.

So DOPE is playing softly in the background as we look on and see these youths loitering and lollygagging. And Jimin is skipping his tennis lessons…

I don’t know why, but for some reason, BigHit is obsessed with making Jimin look like a yacht club douche. I mean, here they all kinda look like those guys in high school I avoided, but especially Jimin. Who wears a sweater tied around their neck?

This guy I assume is a zombie. Or an adult. One or the other.

(Also, I will have a whole ton of screencaps before the music starts, because once that happens things start moving way too fast and the caps get way too blurry for my liking.)

Plus the intro is really Suga-centric.

And as we all know…

…I am a huge Suga stan.

Okay, actual content. A strange man approaches a chain-link fence that has YOUTH spelled out in toilet paper. He is on one side. BTS is on the other.

Suga jumps the fence, because we’re not pushing the lazy narrative on this video and because he’s never seen a zombie movie.

(I love his ankles.)

Hug puts in his earbuds (that are attached to a cassette player, FYI.)

Studies the stranger as he approaches.

Side note, here. This is like, a Boomer nightmare. Some YOUTH (with silver hair) approaches you, studies you critically, and puts in headphones? God, I can feel their outrage at the disrespect.

The part of me that spent my formative years reading and watching horror is vibrating in alarm right now.

Bitch, don’t do it.

Bitch, I am not kidding…

(I love his wrists.)

I told you it was a cassette player. And I love that it says “burn it” on tape on the side. (Also, his hands.)

Suga presses play and…

…sets him on fire.

Now, this is when I had to take a break and check out the lyrics. Because this was the MV directly after DOPE. (more or less, discounting Japanese MVs.) Dope was all about how hard they had worked to get where they are. This song is about… setting the expectations of adults on fire and just living your life. Having fun while you’re young and how dare anyone suggest otherwise.

And when you see the choreography, which moves so fast I cannot catch screencaps of it…

I just…

I am getting some mixed signals.

Also, if Suga could set people on fire this entire fucking time why did he have to douse his bed in gasoline to set himself on fire in HYYH?


But I don’t get them. I get fast-paced dancing that ends up all blurry that I hate myself for posting.

Jungkook is an actual baby. And I hate myself. (This will make sense later.)

Like, a little doe-eyed infant with thighs the size of my waist.

This camera angle used to be great for me. Until right this second. When I thought “it’s like I passed out drunk with BTS and they’re encouraging me to drink more” and now I feel… old. Just so old.

Ironically, for this song being so focused on youth it reminds me a lot of the excess and absurdism of the 80s.

This right here, aside from being a lovely comment on Jin’s flat stomach, reminds me of that scene in Tom Petty’s “Don’t Come Around Here No More”

Or the scene in Star Trek: The Next Generation when Troy gets turned into a cake.

What I’m saying is that the 80s were a strange time, and you should totally watch music videos from that era if you are not familiar.


We’re ironing Jin and then move into J-Hope’s rap verse.

He’s blurry and holding spray paint. Suga is in the background holding an unopened beer. They’re in front of a giant truck and it has cop lights on the top. They are exactly the guys I avoided in high school.

Yeah, I think we all know that’s a lie.

I was so proud of how not blurry this shot was. Now that I spend more time looking at the angle I… want to remind you that I am the Goddess of Thirst. And Jungkook was born in ’97 and this was released in ’16 so I’m only going to the special hell, not jail.

Unopened can.

(But look at those hands!)

I want you to know that since I started stanning BTS I have watched this video over a hundred times. Like, not even an exaggeration. I was today years old when I realized that they’d spray-painted “r u drunk?” here.

In my defense… Suga.

That’s my defense. Suga. He’s hot and it’s distracting.

Don’t look so shocked! We all know I’m a weak bitch.

(Not why I grabbed the shot, but it was funny timing.)

Now his bike is on fire.

(They’re setting the world on fire. And now I want Jimin to cover Set Fire To the Rain.)

Yeah, this is why I’m going to hell.

This is the source of my fave JK gifs.

Also, look at J-Hope here.

So pretty. Imma die.

I honestly was just so proud of these for not being too blurry. For the angle of V’s leg. For catching RM with his arm like that. I didn’t even consider Jimin’s thighs or the fucking belt around JK’s until now.

(So, for context, I’ve started grabbing the screencaps all at once and then writing up the post. It works better for me that way. Most of the time. Sometimes, however, I forget the point I wanted to make or discover that I only captured thirst traps.)

The plane is on fire.

They’re pushing the metaphor.

This one I knew was a thirst trap.

Finally, a good shot of the “YOUTH” sign. And of Jimin.

Wow, he and Wooyoung of Ateez really do look similar.

Like, damn.

A car… drops?

(Like the couch in Boy With Luv, but without Halsey.)

I love everything about this scene. The plant on the books. The paintings. Jimin’s aesthetic. The lighter turned up to eleven. You can get standard bics to do this, don’t ask me how I know or how to do it. It’s for your own good.

Goddamn. This is why I spent so much of my early ARMY days stanning JK. He’s just, unreal.

Now, this is an aesthetic I can get behind. Even the sunglasses on the back of his head.

This car has “youth” spray-painted on it. The one in real life says “bang.” I’ve always wondered if that was a reference to the owner of their label…

I just adore V. And Jimin. And Suga. And RM, even with his terrible haircut.

Just, a horrible haircut.

But I do love the rings and the necklaces. Really, the accessories are on point this MV.

Stumbling J-Hope.

Like, I feel as if J-Hope (or at least the version of J-Hope we get to see in MVs) would be fun as fuck to drink with.

Tell me he’s not down for a good time.

…I just noticed his thigh. I should stop doing breakdowns before I have a breakdown.

He’s mocking crying here, but he’s so pretty. Also, look at JK’s profile in the background.

RM has the best expressions.

No, V has the best expressions. And this lighting is amazing. (He is hitting a button here, FYI)

Which blows up this car.

My god!

Pretty Jin is just, bias ruining.

He should be illegal.

Phew, my sanity is saved by *checks notes* sassy Jimin?

Fuck my life.

Look at these goobers. I’m doomed.

Utterly wrecked.

Seriously, check out Wooyoung from Ateez if you’re a Jimin stan.

I wear my sunglasses at night… (another great 80s song.)

There’s only a tiny amount of fire here, and I felt much safe with it. And adore Jin.

J-Hope is mimicking holding headphones against his shoulder as he DJ’s with fire. I cannot make this up.

This is a worrisome amount of fire. And I know they’re okay, this was in the past and I’ve seen them live since then. But I still have concerns.

I… do not remember why I grabbed this shot. I mean, it’s great. I just cannot remember it’s purpose.

RM is dragging a microphone through fire.

I mean, there are some shots I just grabbed because they’re pretty. That’s… normal?

Jesus Christ, he’s a prince.

He’s a prince and I want him utilized more.

I want a fucking solo song that isn’t a fucking ballad.

And I want it before his mandatory military service.

I deserve it. We deserve it. He deserves it. Give me a peppy pop tune and let him dance to it.

Do not love RM’s hair, but those arms.

(he wears his sunglasses at night…)

I would not fuck with V in a club at night. Just, nope. Jin looks pretty, J-Hope looks serious, RM looks cool, but V will fuck up your day.

I should know, I’ve been to shows where that guy kicks your ass and laughs while he bleeds.

(so he can so he can…)

(check out Corey Heart. And remember, it’s not good. That’s the point.)

Here he will swipe his finger through the flame.

And I have hung out with people who do this.

Now, this is where they lock arms and have this intense choreography. So they’re preaching about enjoying their youth and there is no way they just got this down pat with all of them in unison without serious practice.

They have videos of the dance practice!

Jin is wearing a Super Mario shirt and I love him.

Also, there is a sign that says “this way”

I guess to the cool youth club.

Additionally, check the lighting. Look at the shadows. Look at the lights behind RM and above Jin. See the reflections in the water in the concrete. Appreciate how much framing went into this shot. It’s glorious.

They’re on stage throwing water around.

More stage cuts.

Being cool in the cool youth club.

How many of these did I take?

Okay, this is where it gets totally unrealistic.

Nope, I lied. This is more choreo. Now with background dancers and fireworks. This is still plausible.

Does anyone else remember the movie Tank Girl? This reminds me of how the Rippers pray.

I honestly did not know there were fireworks here until today, either.

Okay, NOW we are at the unrealistic part. V runs.

And jumps.


And crowd surfs. And this shot of him looking like sin personified is exactly why it would not happen. Look. Look at it. V would be torn apart by their fans if they could even lift him instead of freezing and passing out. And this is not a jab at their fans. I am a fan. I adore their fans. I’m just saying that if V lept onto me there is no way it would turn out well for anyone involved. I once had the chance to meet the woman who played Tinkerballa in The Guild and I froze for a second before running away and crying.

And I didn’t like The Guild nearly as much as I like BTS.

Can you even imagine? See? This would end in tears. My tears.


I love the shadows.

Now they flee the cool youth club for youths.

And JK has his big bunny smile.

And we see the fire and the paintings and the cool youth club one last time…

…before it blows up?! There were still people in there. Did BTS kill all those people? Is this what burn the stage really means?

And finally, “Boy Meets What.” A quick little nod to their next comeback. And we are done.

Fire is over. Out? Over and out? I dunno, I’m tired… let’s wrap this up so I can go to sleep…

Fire by BTS
Released: April 28, 2016
Album: The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Young Forever
Length: 4:54
Notes: I got BTS tickets…
Watched Status: Watched. Repeatedly. To the point that I thought I’d done this follow along already.
Bias: Jin, actually…
Reason: Blond hair and the solo song I hope to get.
Favorite BTS video to date: …any of the ones that will play before their concert in May.

Join me next week when I will (hopefully) breakdown the intros that include Boy Meets Evil.

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