Fangirl Follow Along: ON Kinetic Manifesto Film : Come Prima by BTS

Previously on Fangirl Follow Along I broke down Fire by BTS. Then I got the flu and missed a week. I won’t bother to go into how I got the flu *cough*my family hasn’t gotten their flu shots*cough* because BTS dropped 7 and I literally don’t care anymore.

(Which is a lie. I will get them for this.)

Anyway… let’s get it ON.

You’re welcome for that earworm. The first one is free.

So sometime this year (time has lost meaning) a Twitter mutual asked if you were a deity, what would you be the deity of. And of course, I was like “the Goddess of Thirst” because… hello. And now I’m leaning into it.

Friends… this video… it’s 100% Goddess of Thirst Approved Content.

NOW let’s get it ON.

We start, as always, with the BigHit logo.

The drums and the formation get me instantly hyped. Every time.

So I don’t know who this woman is, but I stan her hard. After watching this video normally four hundred times and then looking for her when I grabbed screencaps… I just want to be able to follow her on Instagram and/or Twitter.

I adore her energy.

I mean… look at her.

Also, look at the Mad Max-style gear they put everyone in.

The silver rebreather is amazing. So along with the woman with magenta hair, I also like rebreather and bleached blond. In case you’re keeping track.

The crowds part, and we get Jimin. I should point out, many of these images will be slightly blurred. I didn’t realize I could put the video in 4k until like, the three-minute mark. And I was not going back

It feels a bit like they’re paying tribute to their god-king Jimin. And honestly, I cannot blame them.

He’s just… so fluid.

Originally I had wanted to capture V appearing out of nowhere, but let’s look at Jimin some more. Because he demands our attention as tribute.

And now V, making you say “bias who?”

And like, I want to meet whoever is responsible for the styling on this comeback to both slap them and profess my eternal devotion.

Also, can I thank V for his face? Because his face is expressive as fuck and just… so wonderful.

Gonna be honest, it wasn’t until I grabbed these screencaps that I noticed the makeup on his neck.

(can’t read my, can’t read my, no you can’t read my Joker face…)

Like I obviously noticed the “The Shadow Like Me” under his eye, but totally missed this cracking neck makeup.

Oh god, I was not prepared for RM this comeback.

Like… he’s just a lot.

Like, armpits are not my jam, and I still lost my mind over this glimpse of his.

And his hair!

If you’re not familiar with the hair dying process, him having blond roots means his color either grew out and they rebleached just the roots, or that they bleached it all and just colored the ends. Either way, it’s a pain in the ass to do but looks amazing when done well.

Which, of course, they did.

Oh, fuck me. Jimin and Jungkook together. At the same time.

I could literally just watch these two walk for hours.

Although, “walk” is kind of a misnomer.

It’s more like a swagger.

Or a strut.

Or “slay me with their hip movements.”

And now, Jin. This is… not helping.

I want you to understand how many screenshots I took. Because it was over one hundred and fifty. And I want to discuss how all the aspects of this video work together. The streetwear, the sparse setting, the dancers in very severe clothing, the beautiful Maxfield Parrish blue sky, how amazing the boys all look, and how long it’s been since we’ve had a video with them all together. I really want to break down how much I appreciate all these elements working together with this totally hype song… but instead, I just keep whimpering.

And taking more screenshots.

But you know what… this expression perfectly sums up how little I care that I am doing this a disservice by not actually discussing and instead just vomiting adoration all over the place.

You know, when I grabbed this, I thought it was a good shot of the intro to the dance sequence. And now I’m like “why?”

“Why do I try to grab dance sequences?”

Sweet Jeebus.

Like, just kill me now.

I really was trying to capture the difference in their kicks here. Promise.

See, look. I finally caught Jungkook touching his hand.

I am not going to tell you how long it took to try and get this image.

I have… no excuse for this one. Except for the whole Goddess of Thirst thing.

It really is an amazing routine. Especially paired with the backup dancers.

Like, I just adore everything about this video.

And the camera angle changes.

And Jimin.

I adore Jimin.

Especially a confident Jimin, which he clearly is here.

The pitch of the noise I made when they transitioned to the J-Hope section… only dogs can hear.

He’s our hope.

We’re his hope.

He’s J-Hope.

And that shirt is sheer…

“Oh come on.”

And of course, the J-Hope bit…

…goes right into the Suga bit.








So two screencaps (and a dozen meltdowns ago) Suga did his trill and kick. And one screenshot ago you could see the dancers handing back their drum sticks. All so the other six members could drum while Suga raps.

Did I need to see Jungkook’s nipple while getting this amazing view of Suga’s undercut (which I adore)?

(Yes, yes I did.)

I may have gone overboard with the Suga caps.

But there is no such thing as too much Suga.

So I refuse to apologize.

I… cannot handle VMin moments right now.

Scratch that. I cannot handle V moments.

He’s just…

…he’s a lot.

Sweet Jeebus.

This has a very Kai in Obsession vibe to it. And I am living for it.

I see you, V. Put the tongue back in your mouth before my sanity slips away.

Jimin is just… killing these comebacks. Like, he’s always been precious and wonderful, but lately, he’s also been confident. You can feel it. It radiates off of him. And I’m living for it.

Or, I’m not alive anymore. From the sheer amount of nipple in this video. You cannot be completely devoid of nipple for seven years and then just casually slip them all in all at once. I am a Regency-era gentleman seeing an ankle for the first time.

Like, just Jimin and his exposing his arms M.O. was enough… but this is beyond the pale.

Okay, better.


I don’t remember the point of this one, but I laughed out loud at V’s expression, so I appreciate the break from my nervous breakdown.

(I cut some questionable screenshots of the dancing…)

Seriously, the entire concert could be Jungkook walking.

And I would not be disappointed.

How have no clothing companies snapped him up for a Fashion Week yet?

His jawline kills me.

Wait for it.

Jimin fucking jumps over him…

And then throws it into the dance break.

Which is honestly, just a lot to handle.

Especially with Suga in the center of the second formation.

It’s just a lot to handle.

And I am a weak, thirsty bitch.

Honestly, not better.

Because focused Jungkook is just… a lot.

But we’re almost to the end, so I’ll likely survive.

Look. Look how much higher J-Hope’s leg is than Jungkook. And how much higher Jungkook’s leg is than Suga’s. You’re welcome for this screencap.

Probably the cleanest screencap I got, and I cannot remember why now. I mean, other than Jungkook’s expression. And V’s expression. And RM’s expression…

…okay, I know.

One more dance shot.

And the dance break is over.

Another Jin closeup. I love his long hair, but still, miss it being off his forehead.

Oh god, I had forgotten about this V sequence.

So you think it’s just gonna be him, maybe sticking out his tongue again… but no.

Hip thrust.

In front of my salad.

Jimin can’t keep jackets on his arms.

JK is super serious.

Has that been on his hands this whole time?

One final dance sequence.

And then this wonderful moment of affection.

Before the video closes. AND I SURVIVED.

I am finally safe from Shia LaBeouf.

Listen, this video is a lot. The song is a lot. The album is a lot. And I am living for every second of it.

ON Kinetic Manifesto Film: Come Prima by BTS
Released: February 21, 2020
Album: Map of the Soul: 7
Length: 4:58
Notes: so much nipple
Watched Status: Oh yeah, I waited for this until today… said no one ever.
Bias: You know, I’m struggling here. So I’ll go with that woman from the opening of the video.
Reason: She’s a legend.
Favorite BTS video to date: This one? Maybe? Probably Dionysus videos. Or that one of RM being interrupted in his V-Lives.

Join me next week when I will (hopefully) breakdown the intros that include Boy Meets Evil.

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